Thoughts on Sin Cara?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Just got done watching the Main Event taping and like Sin Cara came out for a match vs. Damien Sandow, Sin Cara entered first and the crowd cheered pretty well for him actually, now I'm not sure if it was because it was all the blind people in the back thinking it was Rey Mysterio coming out and that's why they were loud but I was under the impression that no one really cared for him, anyway I just wanted to get a general opinion on his character from everyone.

    Overall the Match was pretty good in my oppinion though, the main reason cuz it featured my favorite superstar but there was some okay high flying from Sin Cara.. I just don't really care for him to be honest.

    Show Spoiler
    Damien Sandow got the Win via "You're Welcome/Pin"
    Also Ryback had a habit of interrupting matches last night, not even touching anyone just walking around the ring while his music plays
  2. Cara is a merchandise gold mine so as long as WWE have someone to put under the mask they will.

    Since its been Hunico two wins over ADR the future looked bright but he's jobbing again so no.
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  3. i am just not that interested in him
  4. Hunico is no where near as good as the other dude. The original SIn Cara was an amazing wrestler who couldn't speak English good. Vince pushed him too fast. The original was also smaller and had more fluent moves.
  5. I think I read this somewhere too.
  6. Its true if u are a kid he's cool! Gets a cool entrance, lighting and looks slick at 8 who cares about a win loss record? Only us hardcore still watching at 19+
  7. I agree, when I was a kid I enjoyed a lot of wrestlers that I otherwise wouldn't care for if I was an elder. Good post, he's valuable
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  8. I'm liking the thoughts so far,
    I wasn't aware he was a mine for merchandising.. usually there's a place in the business for a guy like that long term.
    I don't think he's all bad and I realize Rey is getting up there so its nice to have a mexican in a mask :emoji_slight_smile:

    btw is Hunico still playing the character or is it back to the orig?
  9. The last I heard it was still Hunico. I haven't really kept up on all things sin cara though, respectfully.
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  10. haha same.. I just am recalling the match from Main Event this past week and I think it was still Hunico cuz of the tattoo and height difference to the original Sin Cara and was wondering if anyone knew for sure.
  11. I can't even speak on that, didn't catch main event. I'm sure someone is on top of it though and will reply shortly.
  12. Much prefer Hunico under the mask. He prefers much better as Sin Cara than Mistico with the WWE style. I say just keep Hunico under the mask and keep Sin Cara at a midcard level or put him in a tag team.
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  13. The giant Tattoo on the shoulder should give it away. But that match was ok, the only problem is that him and Sandow didn't work very well together, there were still a few botches. I would probably go out on a limb and say I'm the biggest Sin Cara fan on the board and as Cloud said, he's a merchandise gold mine! all he needs to do is win an IC/US championship at somepoint and he's pretty set to sell rapidly! Though I doubt he'll ever be anything higher than that because he's not White/American. #WWEconspiracy
  14. And I can second the fact that he is the biggest Sin Cara fan on this site :emoji_slight_smile: and hes not afraid to show it :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Mistco the original sin cara was more spot based don't know if it was him or wwe or both parties that made him wrestle that style, granted i have only seen acouple of his non wwe work. It was flips and being flashy for the sake of it.

    Hunico is a better worker in wwe standards, check out his matches with kidd and gabriel or his fcw matches with Rollins as he could tell a story and hardly botched. May not be as good in the air as Mistico bur at least he has had good matches in wwe.
  16. who ever it is under the mask, I really cant see him getting any major push towards any type of title. Unless they plan to bring back the Cruiserweight Title back.
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  17. He was interesting when it was Sin Cara Vs Sin Cara. That's about it.

    I loved Huncio when he broke out being a star though!
  18. They really do need to bring back that title. Our High Flying Fans are crying for it!
  19. A boring botcher
  20. I'm liking HuniCara alot better than MistiCara
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