Thoughts on the crowd: Let's face it, we all would of done the same

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. So thinking back at Summerslam and Raw last night we all called out the crowd for being stupid and stuff, like focusing on the UV title and not the match.

    Honestly if I was there I would of done the same thing they were doing.

    Would any of you done the same too?
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  2. No. They were acting like assholes.

    Despite the Universal title design being deplorable and all, they should've focused and cared about the match.

    Same as they should've cared for Ambrose vs Ziggler.
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  3. I wouldn't of cared at all honestly... Somehow I'm looking for 2+2 to equal 5 from WWE creative like everyone else but it's not mathematically possible. And I can't accept it.

    Hey, I'm being honest.
  4. All I'm saying is, they should've focused on the match, but instead they were mocking the title. Stuff like that hurts the match.
  5. Yeah...if I was there I probably would have joined the chants....I would have been ashamed...but I would have joined in.

    Honestly I would have preferred, if they wanted the red strap for Raw, have a black backing for the belt similar to the Women's title's red backing, and maybe even add a golden globe design in the background to make it DIFFERENT from the two titles, while keeping the same "universal design" (inadvertent pun) they want.
  6. I would've done it too, it's the company's fault not crowds. The crowd was giving them a hard time for making a stupid title like that, I lost 80% of my interest in the match once I saw the title. It will look even more terrible once Seth wins it next week(my guess), red looks terrible on him.
    Plus they chanted ''DELETE'' so.....
  7. The crowd sucked. They sucked for Sasha and Charlotte too, they only woke up for Cena/Styles and to chant at the title.
    Yeah, WWE should have paid more attention to card structure when it comes to reactions (and also not had a 6 hour show following NXT)
    Probably the biggest issue with it was how much WWE PPV's don't feel like big events. When you get a ticket to Takeover, the atmosphere/crowd chants/being rowdy and noisy is a big part of why you go. It's a selling point and an attraction that WWE has built into the NXT audience. Look at Summerslam last year, it's unavoidable. There's none of that with the main roster PPV's and the difference is alarming.

    (there's also the issue of us still only having an emotional investment in Cena in 2016...)
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  8. They should've just revealed the title, I don't know, AFTER the match.:pity1:
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  9. Stop making sense!
  10. Maybe having your show be SIX HOURS LONG causes your crowd to get extra mad over certain things, the Universal Championship being unveiled was just that final push that caused fans to absolutely trash the show. There were plenty of things for them to get mad about, Sasha losing, Enzo and Cast losing in their hometown, Ambrose/Ziggler being "boring" but the Universal Championship being a fucking red velvet cake was the thing that finally bothered fans enough to the point they pretty much ruined a good match because of the shit show they were forced to watch.
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    Wrestling fans are trash.
  12. Fixed. Heyyyooooo :dawg:


    I guess this is more of a stereotype.
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  13. If I had to sit through 6 hours of a show, that's action died down, just when the interesting matches started, then, yeah, I would've done the same.
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  14. :rollins3:
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  15. Good point!
  16. Nah, I wouldn't have done that because I'm not an entitled trashbag.
  17. So he was more worried about being the man than winning the title! Don't blame him after seeing that title hahahahaa
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  18. The show was a hot mess with bad pacing that left the crowd ragged.
    But booing the belt was fucking dumb. If you wanna boo it a little bit then fine, but don't spend the entire match doing it.
  19. No, I wouldn't have. I was disappointed that it wasn't the nicer of the rumored belts, but I wouldn't have chanted against it. I would have been watching the match just like I was doing on TV.

    I never just go with the flow when I am at an event. I cheer for who I like. There have been many times I have felt like I am the only one cheering for a wrestler in a match. In fact, if I cheered at all in relation to the belt, I probably would have cheered for it since everyone was hating on it... just to be a pain. But more than likely, I wouldn't have done anything but paid attention to the match.
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