Thoughts On the New Paul Heyman Guy?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by airbourne908, May 20, 2013.

  1. If you watched RAW, you would know that Curtis Axel (Michael McGillicutty) is the new Paul Heyman guy. Personally I like this and love that Henning is getting an actual major storyline on RAW.

    What do you think about Axel being the new Paul Heyman guy?
  2. :yes: Long past time that guy got a push.
  3. Hennig on RAW: :yes:
    Hennig with Heyman: :yes: it means he's getting a push
    Curtis Axel: :no: if they don't want to use his given name, fine; but Curtis Axel sounds like shit
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  4. I'm extremely happy about it. Didn't expect it at all, I don't think many did.
  5. He's having a match with HHH tonight. You catching it? He uses a remix Mr. Perfect theme.
  6. Tied up ATM, so they give him the theme but not the name? :facepalm: another brilliant move WWE.
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  7. His name is a mix of Perfect's real name and his grandfather's name. Just like Rocky Maivia was a mixture of his father and grand father's names (Rocky Johnson, Peter Maivia.)

    Using Heyman to try and get a new talent over is a smart idea, in my opinion. And given this guy is a 3rd generation star and talented (according to others who keep up with him more than I've been doing), I'm fine with it. When he came out, I immediately thought of his tweet where he complained about losing to Sin Cara and how I thought it was a work leading him to doing something more meaningful. I also dig that remix of the old classic Mr. Perfect theme.

    Also, ironic that 'Curtis Axel' is a Paul Heyman guy along with Brock considering his dad's last time in the company was getting fired in 2002 for having a real fight with Lesnar on the infamous "Plane Ride From Hell."
  8. From what I've seen from him so far, I think he has some great potential. He seems to have great strength in the ring and hopefully he'll get many more opportunities to develop on the mic. Hopefully the WWE will work him into some interesting storylines. I'm interested to see where his career goes from here.
  9. Love it. not sold on the name though
  10. I love it, 1 of the most talented guys on that roster.
    Curt Axel is a combined name of his legendary family.
    Show some respect to the NEW Paul Heyman guy.
  11. KLockard23 watch the video Rodrigo posted. He's pretty solid as a heel worker. Not the best on the stick but passable. Also good ring worker who uses more crowd interaction than his dad. Trash talk and such, he got good heet with that on both NXT redemption and the new one. Definitely improved since his original debut.
  12. Fantastic. I didn't call that at all, but that made it even better. I marked hard when I saw it was him. The name is fine and works well, and him and Heyman are going to be fantastic television.
  13. It was a pleasent curvball. Hennig Jr is talented but has his obvious weaknesses (not that great on the stick) but that's why you put guys like him with managers. The managers cover the weaknesses and help him work on them. This will benefit him a lot and helps build a new star. The name will take some getting used to but I see no problem with it.

    He started out good as well. Taking out Triple H, Finishing what Brock started. It was a good heel debut stuck in a bit of a clusterfuck.
  14. I thought it was brilliant. The whole reveal, the whole shabang (hi plopspot) was brilliant to watch. Obviously like people have said his weakness is his promo ability, but is that so much of an issue at the moment when you're with one of the greatest on the mic? Not really. Future, yes. Currently, no.

    When I first heard the name I thought what in the hell is this, but then when Heyman explained it, it made sense and I liked it. It's about :damn: time that a star with heaps of potential is put to use instead of your usual Khali shit.

    Also, just on the topic of usual shit, what was the point of Ryberg beating down Ryder? I saw it and skipped through, had no interest in it.
  15. Not great on the stick...?

    :gtfo: plopspot!
  16. That's my fav feud of spring 2012. I know that Joe can deliver when he wants to. But out of all his qualities the mic work is his weak spot. Which is what Paul can cover for him. Let Paul do the majority talking and then let Michael talk when needed, like last night when he got in Triple H's face. Make the confrontations his confrontations.

    Also I'd like to see him pick up on something that Lesnar does. Look at Lesnar when Heyman talks. If Heyman for example says "Brock Lesnar is going to break your arm" then Brock makes a snapping motion with his hands. If Axel could start doing things like that it would be absolute dynamite since it adds to his persona so much.
  17. A fun note after looking at other sites reaction to the guy. We are overall a lot more positive to Axel than other forums or dirtsheets. Found a lot of hate for the guy and a surprising amount of support for RVD instead (dafuq?)
  18. My hypnosis has worked wonders :happy:
  19. No surprise there. It's not like they're the number one for everything wrestling or anything like that.
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