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  1. I watched the WWE documentary a few days ago, and have been meaning to make a thread on what I thought about the documentary.

    It was a good one in my opinion, it caught a lot of great points on the video, with different points of views on some subjects, such as Mick Foley not agreeing with the sexual stuff, Ron Simmons saying it was odd but if you didn't like it change the channel, and others like Road Dogg agreeing it was fun. They did great on showing why they did this, because of WCW and explaining how they came up with the characters, a lot of them being mostly because that's how they were. They also mentioned a lot of memorable storylines and explained why they don't do much of the attitude era stuff anymore.

    It was great to start out with D-Generation-X, out of all the groups that caused the most controversy and grasped the most attention it was them. It showed how they were wild and rebellious like by doing crazy stuff like having women flash them, mooning people, going out in public and chatting with fans, and just so much more. It also provided the views from X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws before they joined and how they felt to join them. Of course we didn't get Chyna's view from it, but that's understandable considering the situation with her, same goes for anything about Owen Hart.

    I like how they also gave credit to the midcard, showing that gimmicks like Mark Henry's sexual chocolate, The Godfather's pimping, and Val Venis's adult star gimmicks were among the most memorable in history because of how far they took the gimmicks, but it also showed that the stars learned that while it was fun and games it wasn't anything for kids so they don't so it. I liked how they also mentioned Rikishi's dancing with Too Cool and HeAT since stuff like that was a very big thing back in the day.

    The Hardcore division was also a fun thing to see. It showed who made the 24/7 rule(Crash Holly) and showed how crazy and fun to watch the "matches" for that championship was, it was quite interesting. The Undertaker's rivalries were also nice to see, showing from Kane to the Ministry of Darkness, to when he joined with Vince McMahon, it was very cool, it wasn't exactly in depth but it was still nice.

    It was interesting at the end, when they finally took down WCW and ECW, it was exactly as people thought it was, now that they won, what now? It was fun while it lasted but they finished their goal and now what were they suppose to do? That's what I thought about, and maybe that's how they've been feeling in the last few years, what now?

    Of course there's more to the documentary then this, but that's all I have to say about it for now, if I had to rank it I'd give it a 7.5/10, while it was nice it was mostly nostalgia that got me to like, the whole thing in it's own without the nostalgia I believe is a 7.5/10, I believe they could have gone more in depth, and mentioned the Light Heavyweight championship history as well. Well that's all for now.
  2. I still need to watch it.
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