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  1. [​IMG]
    I think this is very close,what do you think?​

  2. I see no resemblance.
  3. I don't think I even understand what you're trying to point out. Is what close to what???
  4. [​IMG]

    On that date Undertaker made his debut in WWE. He's could return with Kane to get revenge on the Wyatts at Survivor Series.
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  5. The cryptids on the WWE twitter
  6. Umm.......cryptids???

  7. Vignettes,like Jericho's from late 2011.
  8. I still don't understand...
  9. Video promos/ photos hyping someone's debut or return.
  10. OH! I still don't get what he's trying to compare though... :/
  11. Idk.

  12. The ones on the right are images WWE have "leaked" and the ones on the Left are what they might be. come on, put 2 seconds of thought into it.
  13. They put clues to hype you about something, this time it is the undertaker
  14. Oh.....ok, sorry I didn't think it through too much, I'm super busy on a project and it's turning out far. :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. It's the Undertaker, no doubt.
  16. The date of November 22nd, 1990 pretty much resolves this then. It's the Undertaker.

    Was kind of hoping for something new rather than just another Undertaker return that we've seen a bazillion times before, but whatever.
  17. It's taker, but why is there Kane's mask? It's weird.
  18. He will most likely return to save Kane or avenge Kane or something.
  19. Or they tag again to beat the whole family in a Handicap match. Would mark to see that, and the Kane drops Taker out and turns heel but then he refuses to join the family turning into a tweener.
  20. Taker began his career at Survivor Series, so with him being as close as ever to retirement, he probably wants to perform at the PPV one last time just for the sake of it. Teaming with Kane to take on the Wyatt Family in a Handicap match sounds good to me.
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