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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by 2000luisluis, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. I like THQ and think they make great games.

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  2. I don't care as long as they make WWE games.

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  1. [attachment=56]:upset: THQ's licence for WWE expires 2017 so we still have 5 more years of horrible games :sad:
    But whats your opinion?
    Do you like THQ,
    Not care,
    or hate THQ?

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  2. I love THQ. They've produced the Saints Row series. I can never hate them because of that.
  3. They're ducking awful.
  4. I've been to SvR 2011 and WWE '12 forums before and after the games were released, and I believe that I've seen more hate there than anywhere else in the world. The number of hate threads on THQ and the way people spoke simply cracked me up. :dawg:

    But I read something one day that made me think if changing producers would help: THQ has been making WWE games for over 10 years. The games are in an acceptable level in my opinion. They seem to be working their way to a "perfect wrestling game" by improving a few things per year. Don't you guys think that if another company took over, they'd be completely lost? First, there are very few companies who would accept doing wrestling games, since they're not the biggest money makers in the videogame industry. Second of all, OK, you get some company that's not so big that accepted the offer to do a WWE game. They dropped THQ because they "sucked" and gave another company the game. They wouldn't know what to do, they probably never worked with wrestling games before. Sticking to THQ is the safest option, unless people are willing to swallow three or four years of bad games until they get the tricks to do it.

    Saints Row rules by the way. :boss:
  5. UFC went to EA,so will WWE
  6. THQ should do better.
  7. The games could improve somehow, I agree on that, but what I'm saying is that there's no way out.
  8. They should at least make the game play more fun though.
  9. I believe/hope they're working on that, but it really depends on how you want the game to be. Each person wants a different thing.
  10. I mean just a fun game play. The current game play gets boring fast. :burns:
  11. I hope they make it more fun to play 12 is too repetitive imo :burns:
  12. This. :burns:
  13. You mean HCTP style?
  14. What is that? :burns:
  15. That old WWE game... Here Comes the Pain. I still have a blast today whenever I play it. Is there some WWE/wrestling game you like?
  16. Here comes the pain, one of the best games ever. Yeah like that, I think it was that one where you could choose any title to go for. :burns:
  17. What was so good about it? And I don't really like any game, I started playing the SvR 06-08. They were alright though.
  18. Man... I really enjoy that game. Playability, variety of moves, I really like it. Fighting in Times Square, hitting a chokeslam dropping the guy from a freaking building and hitting an elbow drop from up there? :yay:
  19. You can do that in WWE '12 too. Choke slam from the hell in a cell.
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