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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. As of today, we will be enforcing more specific thread titles. Far too many threads end up being duplicated and it's because of misleading thread titles. For example, let's say HBK returns to wrestling, and someone makes the thread "OMG SWEET HE'S BACK", how does anyone else willing to post that piece of news know that it's already been posted?

    In that case, you would post "HBK Willing To Return To Wrestling". The more specific the better. The only case we can't chaneg are spoilers because they can't be revealed in thread titles, so don't worry about those, but please try and be a bit moer specific with those too. If someone is returning, have it as "
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    Big Name Returning" instead of "Spoiler..." or something else unspecific.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Not even Big name returning is safe enough.. U can spoil stuff with only that .
    It would be better like
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    Raw . Did you mark..
  3. That doesn't spoil anything. It's like when WWE play vignettes of a star we don't know who is returning, and then we all speculate. As long as we don't say who it is, it's fine.

  4. I'll take famous titties for 100, alex.
  5. Holy shit HBK is coming back? Source?
  6. Probably metzelder judging be the OP
  7. Wow did he halfass that KKK outfit. Hilarious.
  8. Show Spoiler

    It's not technically spoiling if the title only suggests a Legend returning. As long as the
    Show Spoiler
    part is there in the title, it's really the person's fault for clicking no matter what the title is because it's still labeled spoiler.
  9. But yeah, I found that really annoying too over the past couple of months. I've made many duplicate threads because I was unaware someone had already made a thread about the subject. I skim the titles a lot of the time. I don't click on every thread that exists. The title should always represent what the entire thread is about rather than making a coaxing and/or vague title to try and get other members to click on it, i.e. "Have You Ever..." or "What Do You Think About...". Pretty annoying, tbh.
  10. The girl's black boyfriend comes on as well, his face is class :lol1:
  11. link to video?
  12. Very cool story.
  13. It's so random yet awesome :lol1:

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