News Three Big Names Show Up At Impact

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  1. WrestlingInc:
    As if Jeff Jarrett popping up at tonight's TNA Impact didn't cause enough of a stir, former WCW and IWGP Champion Big Van Vader has also appeared at the event. You can see a photo of Vader in the Impact Zone below. Matt Morgan also returned at the event.

  2. Just to add, Karen Jarrett was with Jeff. AND Hernandez is back. :rollseyes:
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  3. I haven't watched it but the people on the Global Force Wrestling page were saying Jarrett is going to be in a King of the Mountain match at Slamiversary?

    I haven't watched the last few weeks of Impact but that's definitely a way to get me to watch the pay per view.
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  4. Too bad there apparently isn't a single title on the line at Slammiversary. But hey, looks like Jarrett could be the HOFer this year as well.

    I liked Morgan back in 2012/13, good talent. Hernandez was okay.
  5. People are saying JJ will be in a KOTM match, indeed.

    I haven't watched TNA in over a month or so, but that is likely to change, I think I'll be checking out Slammiversary.
  6. Yeah, and he joined BDC. Meh.
  7. Former WWE Diva Competes At TNA Impact Tapings

  8. GFW released behind the scenes video of Jeff Jarrett's return to TNA.

    LOL, Aries no-selling Jarrett was gold.
  9. Reminds me of how I wanted GFW to take over Impact... sigh.

    But sounds good, live Impacts always seem to have something quite good. Aren't they going to be taping quite a few shows now for after Slammiversary? Serena and Storm vs Mickie and Magnus suggests their storyline possibly goes on through the summer, which could be good, especially with Mickie back wrestling - hopefully Bram joins the Revolution and adds a bit more to the feud.

    Oh, and I guess if Aries is anywhere during the tapings then it means he's staying.
  10. Josh Matthews quote on when Jeff Jarrett appeared.
    "This is breaking news, folks. WOW! Uhh, I think Impact Wrestling just broke the internet."

  11. I don't know how reliable this is, but I belong to a GFW fan page and they posted this. Apparently there's speculation of Jarrett possibly looking to purchase majority interest in TNA. I don't know anything about this source and I'm not claiming to believe it, just passing it along.
  12. That would be pretty freakin' awesome. I guess, judging by spoilers, any sort of invasion won't happen until the end of summer but hopefully Jarrett takes over Impact and uses his GFW partnerships to propell it.
  13. Why is this company such a train wreck? Fucking Vader in 2015
  14. It was a good enough one time only appearance, pretty fun match. Although Bram not winning cleanly is fuckery.
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  15. Why is Vader wrestling in 2015? I don't like it when WWE carts out old timers from the hulkamania era, but at least they have the decency to not have them work matches.
  16. I don't know, TNA decided to have Bram take out old legends and I guess Vader was someone they could get for cheap and it was a nice surprise for the live show.
  17. It's fucking Vader wrestling in 2015. What the actual fuck? Want Bram to take out legends? Book segments, not matches.
  18. Yeah a beatdown of Vader would have been better on that show even though it was just an angle to set up the match with Morgan

    Anyway none of this matters lol
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