Three guys rumored to be main roster bound

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  1. If Neville gets called up I predict it will be around Money in the bank. Neville and Bourne in the same match = spotfest galore.

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  2. About time. Ohno has been ready for a good while, and Bray Wyatt will be a great addition to the roster. Neville will be interesting, since I haven't really watched his in ring work yet.
  3. Think Sin Cara, except... you know, not Sin Cara.
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  4. Finally! Those were the three that I thought would do well in the main roster. (Also Paige, but you know, age thing.) I can't wait when they premiere! :smug:

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  5. So he's Mexican.....but not Mexican? :mog: Meltzer post detected
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  6. :dawg:

    He's the best high flyer I've ever seen currently. He's really good and I think he'll be successful on the main roster. :obama:
  7. :laugh:

    He's a spot-monkey, does amazing moves, sells well, but he speaks English, doesn't botch everything, and doesn't have a body made of Kevin Nash's quads.
  8. Ohh not bad then :obama:

  9. He's literally the man gravity forgot.
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  10. :yes: :yay:
  11. Mother of god..
  12. [video=youtube][/video]

    A tribute from his career in Japan using his theme.
  13. The three guys I would have chosen myself. Fantastic.
  14. That was sort of sick
  15. Great news, but what are the possibilities if them joining The Shield to make some kind of NXT invasion angle or something?
  16. They won't be part of the shield. Way too late for that. Ohno and Neville work too well as faces to be heels and invade anything (Ohno could work as a heel but his best work is as a face).
  17. Well, the best guys for them to call up imo.
  18. :cole:
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