Three-Hour RAW Breakdown: Vince McMahon’s Return, Vader, More

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 13, 2012.

  2. So many people wanted to see if Johnny gets fired or not.
  3. I love how Vince is such a big draw.
  4. Tensai vs. Sheamus lost 415,000 viewers


    Anyway, 3.99 end is incredibly strong. Real good week for WWE.
  5. Hopefully, this will mean a big summer story line with Vince McMahon..
  6. Stunning rating. Figured it would be good, but this is just crazy.
  7. Ace draws. End of story case closed.

    More than anything though, firing storylines draw. Noobs think guys are going to be truly fired and don't understand what's going on. With the stipulation for the lame ass cage match ME Sunday and someone getting 'fired' expect more strong ratings Monday.
  8. Crayo, I remember you saying the 2nd second always loses.
  9. I enjoyed the show. The Sheamus vs Tensai match was stupid though...
  10. [img=100x100][/img]
  11. 3 hour show. It was at an all time high in first hour because of Vince, the guy they're pushing to the moon to replace Cena loses 415k views. Lmao. I hope Vince is crying.
  12. You're a mean guy

    Show Spoiler
    Vince is crying for your information
  13. Damn that actually makes me feel sorry for him.
  14. No, please no. I've seen enough of Vince over the years on TV that I don't care to see him around for any long extended period of time.
  15. 3.99 for the overrun? That's practically 4.0. Fucking awesome because that didn't happen in a long, LONG time.. Bravo.
  16. Great rating. Vince appearing along with a firing storyline drew, no surprise. 3.99? Awesome. Sheamus lost viewers. :dawg: Also happy to see that Vader's match gained viewers, I'm excited for the other legends who'll appear.
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