Three Man Band

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. What do we do with these trio of wrestlers? They have been jobbing for weeks upon weeks, and have now been attacked by The Shield multiple times(which could have at least lead up to a small feud since it was 3 v 3) and have been getting worse upon worse. At first the group seemed to be great, Slater, McIntyre, and even Mahal were all doing very good. They formed as a group that were helping each other out, and got a gimmick. Then all of a sudden, they became jobbers. Is there anyway to resurrect this team, or is it completely dead?
  2. I think them as a group are dead tbh. I would like to see them split up and McIntyre given the push he deserves. To me he is a very under rated wrestler and not used correctly by WWE.
  3. I think they're just fine being jobbers. Someone needs to do the job (huehue, gert ert?).
  4. Well, yeah, when they first came together I thought they weren't going to be jobbers. Not really sure what to do to bring up the trio as a whole, but I don't even see them having the intention to do so.
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