News Three New PPV Tapings Announced for September

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    TNA has changed their three house show live events in VA and NC from 9/5 to 9/7 into three pay-per-view tapings for One Night Only pay-per-view series, which airs first Friday night every month for the price of $15. It is believed all three shows will air in the first quarter of 2015.

    Main star advertised for all three shows is obviously North Carolina's own, Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy will also be present for another Hardys reunion on third show in Fayetteville.

    September 5th: Charlottesville, VA — One Night Only: Turning Point

    September 6th: Roanoke Rapids, NC — One Night Only: Rivals

    September 7th: Fayetteville, NC — "International Television Event"

    The lineups for each show are below.


    * Jeff Hardy vs. MVP

    * Bobby Roode vs. James Storm

    * Eric Young vs. Magnus

    * Abyss vs. Bram

    * Austin Aries vs. Sanada

    * Mr. Anderson & Gunner vs. EC3 & Rockstar Spud

    * Samoa Joe vs. Kenny King vs. DJ Z

    * Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne


    * Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus

    * Bobby Roode vs. MVP

    * Austin Aries vs. EC3

    * Eric Young vs. Abyss

    * Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm

    * Gunner vs. Bram

    * Samoa Joe vs. Sanada vs. DJ Z vs. Rockstar Spud

    * Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell


    * The Hardys (Jeff & Matt) vs. MVP & Kenny King

    * Bobby Roode vs. Magnus

    * Eric Young vs. Bram

    * Abyss vs. EC3

    * Gunner vs. James Storm

    * Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

    * Mr. Anderson vs. DJ Z

    * Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne
  2. TNA is headed to @Just Kevin country. You probably aren't aren't going out of your way, but maybe you've got buddies that would.
  3. Who knows...I might be one of the 200 people to buy a ticket to the Charlottesville show.. maybe. It's only a couple hours away.
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  4. Bringing up attendance. The House Show I went to a few months back, there was probably only enough people to fill half of a school bus.
  5. World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley, isn't advertised for any of these shows because he's having an MMA fight for Bellator on Sept. 5th live on Spike.
  6. At least Lashley's presence will promote the elsewhere.
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