Three new superstars

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Arrow, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. I like Darren Young, I admire the Charisma of Watson, and Bateman is just another Rhodes..

  2. I have no idea where they will go with them.
  3. They will probably just use them as jobbers or "local talent" for now, or maybe for a tag team with two of them.
  4. Young - unbearable
    Bateman - funny
  5. Bateman is a good comedy act, which people find entertaining now but i'm 100% sure people will turn on him within a month. And who really cares about the other two guys anyways they will never be in the main event or even mid card champions.
  6. Agreed. I've not seen enough of Bateman to judge whether he'll be like Ryder. What's his character like?
  7. He's really funny so I could see some him being a decent mid card face but didn't they turn him heel and align him with Maxine?

  8. Lmao he could be great.
  9. I wouldn't mind him and Bryan making a goofy heel tag team similarly to E&C at some point in the late summer or early winter. I agree he'd be great especially with the SUBMISSION WRESTLING!
  10. Bryan can stay in the ME, him and Ryder could be great, a similar tag-team to Edge & Christian.
  11. I'd love Bryan to stay up there but I can see him being similar to Benoit or Jericho putting on MOTN all over the card.
  12. True, with the current tag-team division though it could do harm. In my opinion I think he lacks the mic skills to hop and down the card, he'd be able to do it as a heel though people love to hate him.

    You may say Benoit didn't have the mic skills and you're right, but the crowds were different then. Since when in this era did wrestling ability get you over? Hardy had the look of a star, I don't think Bryan does.
  13. Bryan can cut some epic promos as he's already shown, if booked correctly wrestling can get you over. After all Bryan got some decent pops as the US champion at times with 0 mic time.
  14. He got pops as US Champion because of Miz, I know coming from a fanboy that might sound bias. But he only started getting reactions when he was feuding with Miz (Riley is another example). I've not seen any face promos from Bryan that have blew me away, as a heel he's blew me away multiple times now. Also they can't do as much as they can in the ring as they used to, Morrison was an example of a guy who depended on wrestling ability and it got him zero pops most of the time, unless it was from women.
  15. Derrick Bateman is now my favorite NXT superstar. I hope he gets a push sooner or later.
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  17. The day Bryan loses his championship is the day he starts teaming up with Derrick.
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