Survivor Series Three Survivor Series Matches?

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  1. On Smackdown, Daniel Bryan challenged the Raw crew to three Survivor Series matches, one each for the singles, tag, and women's divisions.

    Yep, that happened, So, anything to discuss here? :urm:
  2. Too many, I wouldnt mind one women's and one men's but that's as much as you can stretch the survivor series format. No sense in having one for tag (although I would love watching AA, Club, New Day, Beauty and the man beast, etc in one match)
  3. Unless they're picking two tag teams for each brand the tag match will be a cluster-fuck. Hell I don't even think RAW has five tag teams. I'm fine with the other two matches but I'm more concerned as to what brand goes over.
  4. I'm a fan of the idea. :bodallas:

    It could be fun if done right.
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  5. How can this be too much? Up until 1991, every single match was a Survivor Series tag match, and most Survivor Series PPVs since then have featured 2-4. Only in recent years has the number dropped. This is a great idea, and can really add some weight to the Survivor Series name.
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  6. My mind is going right to worrying about the buildup. It feels like it'll be "How will these teammates get along!?!?!?!?!?!?!" six times at once.
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  7. Not even that but the rosters are so limited that this many Survivor matches means we wont have much else to build up.
  8. Agreed. I like traditional Survivor Series matches. It really takes me back to when I was a kid. Hopefully they'll do it right and the show will be pretty good.
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  9. It makes sense to have three. I'm fine with all three being the same gimmick, it does make sense.
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