Three TNA wrestlers re-signed

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  1. -John Gaburick on Twitter

    Impact's website is saying that the Brooke and Shaw contracts are multi-year, while Sanada will be staying in the states for another year.

    Great news! :yay:
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  2. Sounds good.
  3. Sweet, I like all three of them.
  4. Is Shaw still doing the Dexter/stalker gimmick? How did his feud with Anderson turn out lol
  5. All kayfab below

    Shaw lost to Anderson and got sent to mental hospital. Gunner then offered to help Shaw, Shaw accepted and few weeks back Gunner took Shaw under his wing and Shaw was released from hospital. Now, Shaw is apologizing to everyone he ever attacked and stalked and he's apparently the babyface making trying to make amends. Anderson and **** Hemme don't trust him though. Now it's getting interesting: is Shaw really ok, or he is still a sick fuck playing everyone?

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  6. @Snowman, you get a like not just for this being overall good news, but for using "re-signed" instead of "resigned." Thanks for that!
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  7. Jeez, what terrible usage of Gunner. I really like him and that is disturbing to hear. Was hoping he had big things ahead after the Storm feud.

    If you don't mind me asking another pointless question, how did Gunner's cash in go? He lost then I'm assuming?

    I think he had a briefcase, idk, I've only watched like 4 eps of Impact in 2014
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  8. I thought Gunner's cash in was an episode you saw? Seem to remember you reviewing that one for that site you used to write for.

    The tag title briefcase he gave to Storm for "safe keeping". Think TNA just forgot about it lol

    Fun Fact: Shaw was getting Kofi Kingston comparisons back in OVW. Looking back on that makes me lol.
  9. Was it a typical Magnus clusterfuck main event then? I've probably just blocked the match from memory
  10. Haha, with all we chat in the subforum you'd think I'd learn a few things. Thanks! :yay:
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  11. Yeah, it's a bit poor to do the midcard thing with Shaw after winning a basically contender bloody feud over James Storm, but idk. I guess he'll be on WHC list soon enough.

    Cash in? He wrestled Magnus in the UK on main event of Impact for the WHC, and it was actually a damn awesome match iirc, probably Magnus' best match as WHC. Finish saw Storm turning on Gunner by superkicking Gunner when he was going for the kill from the top rope.
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  12. Oh no, not at all. The match was actually really good, Gunner could even get the Impact Zone crowd (think they were back there) riled up. It was Cloud's first time watching and he thought Gunner was a lifetime main eventer, lol. Now he's playing Go Fish in a mental hospital (wish I was making that up)

    There was some clusterfuck but this time it actually worked. Halfway through the match, Bromans and EC3 run out, but the Wolves and Storm were in Gunner's corner. The babyfaces intercept and brawl with Team Dixie to the back while Gunner powerbombs Magnus, hits a diving headbutt, Spud sneaks in and puts Magnus's leg on the ropes. The ref yells at Spud (loltna) giving Magnus a chance to hit Gunner with the belt. 1-2... kickout. Crowd goes nuts. Cowboy runs back out to attack Spud while Gunner barely stands up... he bangs his head against the turnbuckle.. crowd leaps to their feet... he bangs his head over and over, riling himself up and waking himself up before he Hulks Up and beats the shit out of Magnus again, then goes for the diving headbutt again... Storm runs in the ring... Last Call. Cowboy betrays soldier, Magnus retains.
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  13. Oh, right, they were in Britain then.

    It's amazing to see an guy who's character is "American marine" getting so much face heat against the first British world champion in 108 years, IN the UK. :damn:
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  14. Happy to see Sanada resign, Really enjoy him in the X-Division.
  15. Brooke gets no buys. Can her a**.
  16. Yes! Brooke fucking Adams. *fap fap*
  17. ^ Reading those two posts back to back is wonderful. :haha:
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  18. I get it. If I read a novel with grammatical errors spread throughout. I'm like, 'Thank you. Thank you for the most uninspiring textual nonsense I will probably read for the next calendar year.'

    Don't get me wrong, my grammar is bad. However, I'm not paid to do this. A fantastic story can be butchered by bad grammar.
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  19. I just love the logical, reasonable response of how Brooke doesn't bring in buys and therefore should be let go, followed by the more typical response of, "Woo, hot chick!" :lol1:
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