Thursday's Impact Wrestling Rating Is In

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    Thursday's Impact Wrestling scored a 0.99 cable TV rating. This marks the third consecutive week that TNA scored under 1.0.

    This week's episode averaged 1.23 million viewers, which is down three percent compared to last week's 1.27 million viewers. The show ranked #30 in overall viewers, #15 in males 18-34, and #14 in males 18-49. In the key male demographics, Impact was down slightly in m18-34 and m18-49 compared to last week.

    Last year's Impact episode this week went against a star-studded NFL Draft that drew a lower overall rating, but drew higher ratings in the key male demographics.
  2. tnasylum
  3. Ratings seem to be quite low for quite a few weeks.
  4. They keep getting lower.....
  5. Did they really call this a 'star studded NFL draft"---lmfao. Their was less star power in this draft than any over the past decade.
  6. Still the draft got over 20 million viewers. Understand how TNA couldn't keep up
  7. Still they don't need to lie to try and make the low rating seem better. I don't think a single player drafted last Thursday night qualifies as a "star" right now.
  8. See, nobody else cares about Team Mexico either. Which makes their decision to put them over Aries/Roode even more retarded.
  9. Awful. Care to do something about it and shake things up a bit, TNA? Please? :dawg:
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