Ticket Wars Spin Off, Title Bouts

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  1. This game is called, Title Bouts.

    This a simple concept, here is how it's played.....
    Two players fight over championship belts here is how you play the game

    Signing Up and Number Drawing
    -Depending on how many people sign up the drawing for the players will have a schedule, weekly, daily, or on a special schedule.
    -the drawing is simple, a number is drawn in random order, the numbers are given to players once signed up
    -Player info is given such as wrestler of choice either Created or Real at anytime of their life time.

    Wrestler Criteria
    -When signing up a wrestler, A name, an age and Gimmick are required age 65 is MAXIMUM and a hometown, weight, height, years pro (FICTIONAL CHARACTERS ONLY GO PRO TO 25 YEARS) and nicknames are all optional.
    -Finisher is given in real terms, fictional characters must use real maneuvers as finishers that can be renamed after verification, EXAMPLE BELOW.

    Wrestler Name: Roadster
    Weight: 220
    Age: 55
    Gimmick: Country Singer
    Height: 6'2
    Years Pro: 20
    Nickname: Bad Ass Road Dogg
    NUMBER DRAWN.......1000.
    Finisher: Leg Drop, Gimmick Name: Atomic Leg Drop

    All of the info above will used to place players in the TBC Scale, showing legibility of titles to go for.

    TBC Scale, Title Bout Criteria Scale
    - Wight Classes Included with weight ratio and specification
    Superweight- 290-750 Pounds (MAXIMUM):
    Heavyweight- 220-290 Pounds:
    Light Heavyweight- 210-220 Pounds:
    Crusierweight- 165-210 Pounds:
    Featherweight (Womens) 90-165 Pounds:

    -Titles available to weight classes, also the amount of points each belt has in value in case a tie is made
    70 Points: Superweight Title- Superweights Only
    70 Points: Heavyweight Title- Heavyweights Only
    60 Points: Light Heavyweight Title- Light Heavyweight Only
    55 Points: Crusierweight Title- Cruiseweights Only
    50 Points: Featherweights Title- Featherweights Only.
    100 Points: World Title- All weight classes except featherweight can hold this title.
    World Title eligibility is only available to those with 5 straight wins.

    Rankings and Set Up
    The winner is the person that wins the most matches, in the time given, when a tie has taken place the TBC Scale comes into play as points are tallied up from title victories, if a tie is met in the tallies sudden death rules are applied. where one more match is played out.

    -How to win or lose
    A Match takes a scheduled time to complete, Player 1 and 2 both start off with a Promo on their opponent titled, Title Bout 1: followed by the user-name of the player 1 all references to your user-name will be replaced by the Wrestler name of your choosing. and can not be changed after sign up. After the promo is reviewed it will be decided by 2 judges who are not named yet. The second match will be a real match. Both players will make their own thread consisting of the events of the match but with no winner announced and can not have any type of spoiler hinting to the winner. the thread will be Title Bout Finale: followed by the user-name. after the 2 events take place over a span of 24-36 hours or 1-2 days before the counting and judging is closed. one poll will be held that would be conducted by the judges in a thread. after all that the following is assessed

    Positive Replies to Match
    Poll Numbers
    Promo Score
    Positive Replies to Promo.

    (Promo scores are taken by simplicity, being understandable and having a clear storyline.)

    Match types are the players own choosing

    The only way to be eliminated is by loosing 5 straight matches in a row.

    The final event takes place WrestleCade 1

    Who ever is the world champion at the end of this season carries the belt to next season or can vacant.

    Rankings will be posted every so often to show wins and losses

    First world champion will be handed the title the second person to reach 5 straight wins will be the next contender

    Two Events happen at the same time to keep me sane and have less of a burden of keeping track

    Matches are only drawn by judges

    The only way to get a weight class specific title is to get 3 straight wins

    the first champion is handed the title and the second person to reach 3 wins will be the contender.

    Anymore questions please ask politely.


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