Tiger vs Lion - Who Wins?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The GOAT, Jan 18, 2016.

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  1. The ultimate dream match in nature...

    Tiger walks into the lion's territory. "Heard you been talking shit to the pride about me." Lion responds, "Of course I've been talking shit, they don't call me the King Of The Jungle for no reason. Do something about it."

    Should these two enormous cats square off to see who the dominant pussy is, who would you put your money on winning? (And for fairness sake, let's say it was a Siberian Tiger against a North African Lion, as those are the largest sub-species of both.)

    In my opinion, 7 or 8 times out of ten the tiger wins. They're faster, stronger, supposedly smarter, and more ferocious than the lion. Of all the documented cases of the two facing off, it more often than not ends with the tiger putting the lion to sleep. Shame none of this has ever really been captured on video, though.
  2. So no one here likes to discuss the potential outcomes of nature fights? Especially the mother of all nature fights? Boring.
  3. one on one it is pretty obvious that the Tiger wins. But the Lion is a pack animal and even cast out males tend to move in groups of two or three. Make it one tiger and two lions and we've got ourselves a rumble
  4. Neither, they fuck and breed a Liger. The Liger goes on and destroys them both.
  5. Tiger wins with a tiger suplex.
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  6. ... After previously escaping the Liontamer.
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  7. Bear vs Bigfoot is the real main event.
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  8. If it was a female lion it would stand a better chance. Just saying.
  9. lol Not a chance.
  10. Tigers easily dude. They've fought a few times in captivity. Lions get rekt
  11. Uh, who ever grabs the other guy's neck first wins, it's rather obvious.
  12. Tigers to Lions is like Crocodile to Alligator.
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