Time for a Raw GM

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dat Kid, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else they need to stop fucking around and give Vickie Guerrero the title of General Manager. I just find it pretty stupid that she plays that roll, but they won't give her that title. Or do you think they're saving that for someone better?
  2. She does everything a General Manager does and thus giving her the official title of being one won't change anything. Just bad/illogical writing. And why even have an on-screen GM running things when the McMahons are on TV anyway?
  3. I still feel like she was supposed to be a transitional authority figure to a returning Ric Flair who would become GM but then those plans were nixed and she stayed around.
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    Don't think they know what they're doing with that anymore.
    I miss the computer. So done with General Managers.
  5. :steiner: as the GM would be alright.
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  6. I would love to see Vickie get canned and have Big Johnny be GM again.
  7. #MaddoxForRawGM
  8. Isn't Steph doing an evaluation of her job performance next week on Raw ?

  9. Yeah,and,it's going to be done in the middle of the ring. Those kinds of job evaluations always end well. I wonder who would fulfill her spot,it'd be cool if it were Big Johnny but I just don't see that happening.
  10. #PeoplePower

    Give him his job back!
  11. Vicki deserves the job she tries her best and Stephanie triple h and Vince keep fucking around with her but I won't to see the computer back it caused the most contraversey and then they found out it was Hornswogle so there goes that idea and even know I hated the guy it would be awesome to see #peoplepower back and Cm punk vs Big Johnny new orleans street fight as WrestleMania main event.
  12. Its pretty obvious one of the McMahons will take the title of GM from Vickie next week to continue the power struggle storyline.
  13. Theres a power struggle storyline?
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  14. :troll:

    One of the Mcmahons will take it, and she will be stuck just being "around" like Teddy Long.
  15. I just assume that either they'll name Vickie as the GM of Raw on Monday's show or they'll replace her with someone bigger. Since they've never named her as GM I think she'll probably be replaced for someone else or the McMahons will simply fight over who should be in charge.
  16. Yeah, but that's just going to be a McMahon vehicle to just advance their storyline.
  17. Which will involve the role of General Manager. all three seem to have their idea of how the show should be run. Logic dictates that they will fight over the role as GM on RAW and probably Smackdown. Which would be a golden opportunity to re introduce the brand split.

  18. This is all leading to a Vince/Steph/HHH/Shane 4 way HIAC match at Wm 30 for control of the company
  19. Loser has breast implants?
  20. id mark for shane-o-mac.
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