Time to put the TNA section out of buildness?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Isn't this just an average Indie fed now? I say we end this shit!
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  2. I wanted to do it for Aprli fools. The joke would have been it not returning.

    In serious it might be time. Since the only thing distinguishing TNA and ROH right now is which country apart from the US they run shows in.

    I guess what happens with TNA in the next six months will force our hand
  3. Been saying this for a while. Lucha Underground deserves its own section more than TNA does at this point.
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  4. Ditto. NJPW, too!
  5. While NJPW is probably the biggest promotion outside WWE, it'd be confusing to have a NJPW section and still have a separate puro section. Maybe if puro and indies were split, and TNA were grouped with the indy section. But all that does is provide unnecessary clutter.
  6. NJPW does not generate enough traffic for us to justify a section. Subsection? Yes. It's own section: No.
    And neither does Lucha Underground for that matter
  7. The LU circle jerk is a bit annoying now, it's not even that good a show #UnpopularOpinions. Also yeah kill the section, it barely generate any discussion any more.
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  8. @Snowman

    fight fight fight fight
  9. tbf ROH doesn't generate much content as well imo.
  10. shrug
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  12. No sold like a mofo.
  13. inb4 Testify returns
  14. If it was up to me I'd probably merge ROH and TNA into one section for Other American Wrestling. And then have an international section for all non American wrestling.
  15. You're co-chairman? :rock3:
  16. Yeah. But Soli does the programming. It would be him restocking the shelfs so to speak. If I went and played with the code we would be in for some hilarious but scary results.
  17. There is no coding involved. You just go to the dashboard and change/merge the forums and give them a name. If by code you mean, changing stuff about the site - then I guess I stand corrected.
  18. There would still be quite a bit of work with organizing these new sections. Maybe not brain surgery, but time consuming.
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  19. Lucha Underground doesn't need it's own section - it's one TV show. A Lucha section would be somewhat more sane, but having a TV get it's own section when it has a relativity small audience is not a great move.
    NJPW is good as a thread. Not many people keep up or watch New Japan to have an active section.

    Replacing TNA because of no activity with forums that will generate the same results seem a little off. Maybe a Puro section. Indy section. Lucha section and a general wrestling section; we can get rid of all the shiz and have a nice platter. Kind of iffy on the lucha section tbf.
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