Time to re-shuffle "The Shield" pecking order

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. When this group first debuted Survivor Series 2012, all you 'Brose marks couldn't wait for the cat to break in.
    It was clear from the onset, that he was the voice and the leader... or so we thought.
    Handing him the U.S title was the icing, but it was also the apex of his time in the group.
    Reigns/Rollins were given the tag treatment, when out of nowhere WWE decided Reigns was the alpha
    I've always called Rollins the most complete cat. He's the most UN-cringeworthy of the three by far.

    SSeries '12: Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns
    Today : Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose

    If you make a list, try not to let the WWE machine fool you.
    Reigns has potential to be a huge letdown, given the expectations and his Orton-like personality

    I'm not dumping on Ambrose, but Paul LaVesque might be doing the job for me
  2. I would agree that Rollins has been the most impressive member of the Shield over the last few months and maybe that's why he got the angle. But I can't choose between them. Greatest faction of all time in WWE.
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  3. No.
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  4. Opinions tho
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  5. @deth what? I said in WWE not F, name a better faction since 2001. In my opinion, The Shield have been the most successful and have carried the entire product over the last two years.
  6. Evolution? I think that Evolution were far more successful during their initial run between 2003-2005 than the Shield have been, at least in terms of titles won and heat drawn from the audience. Evolution also had stronger storylines and a more impressive roster to attack during their run.

    I think if the Wyatt family continue their run then they could eventually eclipse the success of The Shield, just look at the pop's they are getting right now as the supposed heels.

    I respect your opinion entirely I just disagree in this case.
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  7. Never liked Evolution. They were shoved down our throats with every RAW centred around the group and every championship put on them, but each member were better off as individuals. Plus, the only memorable moments from Evolution 2003-05 was when the group was splitting up, (eg Orton thumbs down / Batista putting HHH through table).

    Wyatt Family have been around for less than a year and 2/3 of the group (Harper/Rowan) are not at all over so they don't come across as a complete well-rounded stable. I like them but The Shield were far better imo.
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  8. The Shield is dank, I have no issue if someone wants to call them the best stable in WWE history. Match quality wise it would be hard to find a stable that put on better matches as a team.
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  9. I have a feeling that Reigns is gonna flop big time. He has potential and is pretty agile for his size, but all I see thus far is another big man with average charisma, and he's not had one singles match yet that has wowed me. As long as they utilize his best strengths and hide his weaknesses and they protect him with good enough booking (ala Batista), he can become a main event star, but I definitely don't foresee him becoming the next Cena-like face of the company for the next several years like they want him to be.

    Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose could end up being the biggest successes that the group has in the long run. WWE has always been a "Big Man Company", yet history has (of course) shown us that it's not always the biggest men who succeed the most. I said in another thread recently that it seems we're entering into the New Generation 2.0, and one of the defining traits of that era was that the smaller wrestlers (Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, etc.) were the ones who ended up the most successful rather then the larger ones (Yoko drew shit as a heel champion, Lex Luger flopped and Diesel was the worst drawing world champion in history.) We may see history repeat itself with that here.
  10. And remember for the last 18 months, The Shield have worked a match at basically every RAW, SD & PPV, which makes the high quality matches even more impressive. And the gimmick/look too. So cool. Imagine how bad WWE would have been if they never existed.

    No idea on Reigns: could be the next Ryback or the next face of the company. Needs time to prove himself in singles feuds, which he looks to be getting, against Hunter and possibly Ambrose.
  11. Batista and Orton were only better off as individuals once the group had disbanded, without the Evolution faction we both know neither man would have the success they have had. I guess only time will tell whether or not the individual members of The Shield will manage to attain success in the singles division.

    I'm aware The Wyatt's have only been around for a year dude, this is why the stable has good potential going forward, again only time will tell how good they will become. I do however agree that The Shield are more entertaining in the ring...It's just right now when I think of who I would name as the GREATEST I would not name The Shield.
  12. Don't talk shit about Reigns!

  13. Exactly! @Lockard23

    You ever read the Roman Reigns fap thread!?!? With those looks failure is not an option :troll:
  14. The Shield had a more 'cool' crossover appeal, whereas the Wyatt's have a more enigmatic, classic rock feel to them.
    The Shield is more Linkin Park while I see the Wyatt's more like The Door's/Beatles. Both groups bring entirely different dynamics

    My favorite group in terms of match quality alone would be The Radicalz, particularly if you replace Saturn with Jericho

    I'm concerned the 'E' may never 'get' Ambrose, if that makes sense.
    Ambrose is so off-beat and Indy, he may fall into Punk/Piper territory, without Punk's initial superstar push
    He isn't nearly as confident on the stick as Punk/Piper and it doesn't help that's he's so dark
    I see a lot of Raven in Dean Ambrose right now. Vince/HHH may attempt to tweak his character to where it loses its essence
    Ambrose could still catch on in a cult-like era, where guys like Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt have Messiah complexes
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  16. I would have to agree that Rollins is the Jack of all trades in The Shield. Whilst not excelling at having that powerful look or the crazy intensity on the micrphone. He's still very entertaining and them as a team have had some of the best matches in recent years.
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  17. Ambrose is the talker, Roliins the worker and Reigns is the star power. There is something about Roman which screams Wrestlemania main event, he'll be an IWC enemy I'm sure but the kids and mums will be aboard his hypetrain. He has some cool ass moves, has the look and confidence to get by. He'll never be an inring wizard ala Rollins or great mic worker such as Ambrose but he doesn't need to be.
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