Time to Turn the paige?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by FandangxNOx, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Yes, def time to call her up

  2. No, wait a little longer

  1. [​IMG]

    WWE NXT Woman's champion "The Anti-Diva" Paige is officially 21 so happy birthday to her and I got to thinking, now that' shes 21, could this mean she might get a call up to the roster? Now the question is which brand and who she would feud with, and all sorts of things but for now can we see it happening sooner rather then later? The interesting thing about this is that, because the NXT territory is used for development and such, then you would think she would be champion for a while till they see a reason to bring her up or they find someone else to carry the title i mean it's not like it really matters, she gets called up, she makes her impact and the rest is history?

    Do you think it's to soon?
    Do you suppose it's right now?
    What do you think of it all?
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  2. She needs to work on her character a bit if you ask me. She's okay in ring but there really is no reason to care for her.

  3. This. She's good in the ring but her character just isn't deep enough to make it on the main roster for long.
  4. Yeah, needs some character and a good debuting storyline.
  5. Why not? She has a better character than most in the divas division, so that instantly makes her more appealing. She's better than most divas, so why not call her up at a time where the divas division ISN'T the worst it's ever been with AJ flourishing. What better diva to finally end AJ's reign than an anti-hero badass like Paige?
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  6. Seems like they're trying to rebuild the Divas' division one person at a time. They did what they could to build AJ, now they're working on Natalya as a top face people may actually care about. If it works, they can either build up Nattie as a beatup dummy for LayJ setting up Paige to put a stop to this, or have a "Divas of Doom 2.0" vs "LayCool 2.0" type thing where the real wrestlers in Paige and Natalya come to take their division back... oh, who am I kidding. That takes actual serious writing, something the Divas will never get.

    Amazing how she's already this good at only 21 though...
  7. I think she is a good solid worker but she is drastically overrated by a lot of folks.
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  8. Yeah I agee,she's good but she's almost as overrated as AJ.

    Also she should work on her charcter a bit more.
  9. Why do we care? I thought the hype and anticipation for Batman 3 was intense... but, no, no that was nothing...freaking Paige is 21 and could debut any moment...wow, let the jerking begin, bros

    I know I'm a jacka**, at this point, but I'd genuinely like to know why she's the second coming of the Messiah for Professional wrestling
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  10. Because she doesn't have the regular 'girly-girl' gimmick that most Divas have and women and men alike think that automatically boosts her above the rest. Admittedly, it is the start of something great, but just what she is right now just doesn't do it for me. She's like Kaitlyn to an extent for me. Kaitlyn's gimmick is just a female, and that's it, nothing else. Paige's gimmick is just a bad-ass/aggressive female, and that's it, nothing else. Both are very hot, but very lacking. Don't get me wrong, I'll still probably mark my tits off whenever she debuts, but I don't think that'll last very long.

    Oh and btw,

    Ivelisse >>> Paige as Anti-Diva gimmick :pity:

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  11. Overrated. Solid worker, his persona is.... Wearing black clothes and screaming? Not ready
  12. P.S.I relise I called her overrated and she's in my sig.
  13. :lol1:

    You know how it is bro. There's potential for greatness here, so people have unrealistic expectations. People ignore the negatives and probable booking and just drool over the potential.
    We're fans, that's what we do.
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  15. No, patience is the answer. She isn't a Goddess of wrestling, she's good, but nowhere enough to be a Savior of her division. Right now the Diva's division needs to get fixed up, give each Diva a gimmick and purpose, then make a reason onto why Paige should be brought up, and then send her to the main roster. Sending her to the main roster blindly without a character would destroy her momentum, get her lost with the rest of the Divas, and so much more negativity. She's 21, but is still very very young. There is plenty of time for her to be on the main roster, she doesn't need to go just yet.
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  16. Oddly enough, in terms of character her "screaming badass anti-diva" persona already should make her the top face of the division. It's more than Natalya has with her "second-generation wrestler" and certainly more than Kaitlyn who I guess we're supposed to be cheering because of her boobs. All the rest of the Divas are heel, right?
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  17. There are other divas?
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    THe divas division in 2002 was incredible

    If she is in that mold and 4 others are injected with the wrestling gene I'll look forward to it
  19. Well Alicia Fox is either a heel or face depending on the day,time,cloud layer,air pressure and location.
  20. Tbh, I like Alicia Fox. She can be good when they let her be. I don't understand why they're not using as much. Would totally prefer over "Tits n' Spear" Kaitlyn. :pity:
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