Times where the wrestlers seemed out of chacter while in the ring?

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  1. I can't remember when this happened exactly,( my memory is a fuzzy on this), but When I think it was when Dolph Ziggler came back from having a concussion, it seemed like Aberto Del Rio's kicks looks out of character. I don't know why this was overlooked because if I were Vince, I would be questioning. I wish I had a video of the raw it happened on.
  2. when john cena put edge threw the 2 tabls at no mercy 06

    that wasnt respectful at alll
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  3. Saturn beat the shit out of a no-name jobber for real during the pre-show of Unforgiven 2000. The guy botched a spot and landed him on his head and Saturn lost his composure and went off on the guy for dropping him. You can hear Saturn say after tossing him from the ring that "the fucker dropped me right on my head." You can also hear Saturn ask the guy if he is alright after shoving him into the steel steps.

    If you wanna see plenty of examples of people talking to each during matches and calling spots, watch this video:

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  4. He's corpsing? SEND FOR THE MAN

  5. You mean the PPV match after Dolph's concussion? I'm confused by how ADR's kicks looked out of character. Explain it to me please.
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  6. I think he was using those kicks way before Ziggler's concussion? Correct me if I am wrong please.

    By out of character do you mean more vicious? Because I believe that was the intended message creative was conveying considering a double-turn was occurring during the match. The added viciousness and frequency of the kicks to the head were to make Del Rio the heel and Ziggler the face as his head was vulnerable from the concussion .
  7. watch wcw nitro 95-96, you'll see

  8. lol hope i never see this again!
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  9. no! That is one of my favorite Orton moments. Along with this:

    he was on a roll in 2011 :lol1:
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  10. LMAO ive never seen that before. smh the face of the company, everybody!!!:haha:
  11. Hey, that son of a bitch has my name in his channel.
  12. Taker after throwing Foley through the cage at HIAC looks genuinely upset its brief but you see it. Same match when he drops into the ring as he's wrestling on a damaged ankle he winces and limps.
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