Timewarping Back to the Attitude Era?

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  1. Based on the recommendations on this forum I subscribed to the WWE network. Back in the day I was wathcing WWE in the mid 90's but it has been 20 years. I remember things like Golddust turning up and Austin vs Bret submission match.

    Even back then it was a bit disjointed for me though as I did not have access to WWF programming and hired the 4 main events out on VHS along with some of the In Your House/King of the RIng videos. Did not watch stuff in order either.

    In 1997 I started watching WCW as it was screening here in New Zealand WWF was not IIRC. Put simply I missed most of the attitude era only following it via 2nd hand sources as some of my friends were watching it. I saw bits of it on TV/youtube and over the years I know what happend in some ways via things like youtube/wikipedia. I was not to sure where I stopped watching it until today after watching some 1996/97 PPV on the WWE network. The last big event I saw was probably Wrestlemania XIII and I do not recall the Montreal screwjob 1st hand but having seen it since on youtube.

    So somewhere between WM and SS 1997 I stopped watching. In July/August 1997 I was at an army base and after that I was watching WCW and had a girlfriend so wrestling in general fell off my radar in 1998 both WCW and WWF. I saw the occasional match/promo etc over the years but was not following it in any way. Around a or two month ago I started watching whatculture and wrestling with wegret vids on youtube which lead me here and then to the WWE network.

    So AE era WWE is it worth watching now? I was there for the lead up to it but wrestling in 1996/97 was more or less at a low point probably one reason I stopped watching it (I did not know about WCW much). I liked early Austin but did not like things like Sable and most plots that did not involve Bret/Austin/HBK although gold dust was interesting. Was not a fan of Rocky Mavia either. How would you watch AE era stuff now? I was planning on watching the big 4 main events but there is a lot of stuff on the Network.

    I just watched some things from 1996 such as King of the Ring and parts of Wrestlemania 13 and a lot of it is really bad. Would picking up with SS 1997 be a good place to start or the straight after WM13?
  2. The attitude era is very much a roller coaster of quality. A lot of peaks, and a whole lot of valleys. But people tend to look back on it with the rose tinted nostalgia goggles.

    It's worth looking back at since it is arguably the biggest era of wrestling, but don't go in expecting just straight brilliant content. For everything the Rock or Austin did, there was 10-20 kennel from hell levels of quality stuff.
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  3. 1999-2001 are probably the best years to watch.
  4. Watched the Rumble part of the Royal Rumble Event 1997,98,99 and the Degeneration X WCW invasion and the start of the tribute to Owen. Thought about watching it in its entirety and in order for 1999-2001 but that is like watching 30 seasons of a 20+ episode TV show.
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