Tiny changes.

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  1. We've added the boxes we wanted in the post_bit thanks to Anonymous. This also allows you to list your favourite superstar on the post_bit, edit your profile to add whomever he/she is so everyone will know who you mark for :emoji_slight_smile:. Also added "Awards" to the top bar so you can find it easier, saves remembering the link or having to go to my thread every single time. We've also added the contact form plugin, I urge you to use this if you ever lose your password, was mistakenly banned, firewalled, or anything. Any issues (mainly issues involving you not being able to connect) please us the form. I've also put that on the top bar so it's easy to see.

    We urge you to make new suggestions also, we're constantly trying to improve the site. If I see no suggestions I'm just assuming you're all happy with it atm :emoji_slight_smile: which is great.
  2. Nice updates, well done :emoji_slight_smile: More power to WWE Forums.
  3. Nice updates, I like the Awards being at the top, much easier than typing /myawards.php every time I want to check :emoji_slight_smile:

  4. On my way to my first award :emoji_grin:
  5. Glad you're liking the updates :emoji_slight_smile:.
  6. Added the option for custom titles on spoilers:

    Piracy is illigal, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Accepts both single ( ' ) and double ( " ) quotes.
    Blank titles default to "Spoiler".
  7. Anonymous you just failed so epicly...

    Is plain and dry
  8. Another spoiler in a spoiler bugs, he'll fix later he said. :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Nice addition though Anon.
  9. I rarely do any stress testing on stuff, that's your jobs. WHY ARE YOU GUYS EVEN HERE IF NOT TO BREAK STUFF?
  10. To post and get respect from Crayons, duh..
  11. Lmao, to whine at you daily to teach me things.
  12. ^ That is my reason too :emoji_grin:
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