Tips to quit smoking?

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  1. I've been putting it off for a few months now but this is something I need to accomplish for real.. waste of money bad for my health and other sorts, I have the ambition to quit but I just need some tips if anyone of you ex-smokers out there have any to get me through the next week or so to take my mind off of it.

    I've heard a couple out there already but just want to hear what some of you might have to say on the topic.. PS) I'm going to refrain from patch & gum because I don't want the nicotine at all.

    Anyway go ahead and spit em out!
  2. Chew sunflower seeds instead
  3. Don't buy cigarrettes/fags/smokes.

    (PS. Never smoked, so yeah.)
  4. Super helpful :pity2:

    Be in the right frame of mind- if you have doubts it won't work. Find something to distract you. Also, there's a book that a lot of ex-smokers I know swear by- Allen Carr's 'Easy Way To Stop Smoking'.
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  6. I haven't smoked a cig in 3 days now Sharpy wbu?

    I don't miss them except at work to break up the shift.
  7. My GPA smoked two packs about 20 years ago on new years, bought another pack and at midnight smoked his last one. Still has the pack with all but one left, just decided he was going to stop and did it. Mind over matter.
  8. Dat is deep bruv
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  9. Exactly this. Also, you have to WANT to quit for you and not for everyone else. I had an ex who always tried to quit because his dad would get on him about it. His dad would even ask me why I hadn't gotten his son to quit smoking. I'd smile politely and say it was up to him. Sometimes when he'd try he'd buy smokes and hide them around the house as though I had anything to do with his quitting. Then he'd get mad at me for not getting mad at him when I found them. I told him it was his responsibility and if he wanted to quit he should just do it. He had no one but himself to answer to if he failed. That's when he told me he didn't want to quit. He liked smoking so I told him it's his life and he should do what he wants with it.

    Alternatively my grandmother smoked multiple packs a day for decades. When she decided to quit she simply quit. Didn't buy them anymore and that was that.

    It's all about knowing what you want and doing it.

    (I don't smoke, I had other vices I had to deal with)
  10. As @Danielson stated.. it is simply just mind over matter. If you have enough willpower then stopping smoking is just stopping smoking, nothing more.

    I smoked for 12 years.. 18 to 30 years of age. I started noticing that I would be short of breath upon waking in the morning and I could barely walk a block without having trouble breathing (and, no, I was not fat at the time that I was smoking.. I was 5'11'' 170lbs) so one day I walked past a bus stop on my morning walk and threw 3/4 of a pack of Newports in the trashcan and just kept walking. Never bought another cigarette again no matter how strong the urge was... and there were definitely urges, after all my body was now missing this mix of chemicals it once had multiple times daily, the withdrawal symptoms were not a great feeling but you have to focus of how great you will feel once everything exits your system and you are no longer bogged down by the weight of addiction.

    Just my thoughts and my story.
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    Never smoked, but finding something to take away the time you spent smoking helps most people. Try to find a harmless habit, like chewing sugarless gum.

    Also, like any other drug, cigarrettes can make you moody as fuck if you suddently stop, so maybe gradually trading your cigs for gums(nicotine-free) till you stop is going to work better then just stopping suddently

    Getting support from your family and friends work out wonders too. You're not going to be as strong mentally as you are now, so take that into account if you're planning on quitting silently.
  12. Also, you can change your diet a little(nothing too hard so it doesn't stack with the stress from quitting nicotine). Some diets make the cigarrettes taste like shit, which can be a good incentive for your brain to stop wanting it. Any half-decent nutritionist should be able to help you
  13. I tried hypnosis therapy and some other weird methods on top of meditating whenever I felt the need for a smoke and it worked pretty well, I've been 13 days done with smoking cigarettes.
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  14. Way to go homie. If you think about buying a pack just think of all the shit you can buy instead that is way more worth it. That's what it comes down to for me. Why the fuck should I pay for this shit
  15. Yeah that's true, I've saved an estimated $32-40 by my count, I think I'm going to buy NBA 2k15 used for the X-Box One.
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  16. Good job dude!
  17. I believe my streak ended on Saturday, I got really drunk and I'm 90% sure I smoked one cig at some point in the night.. s'all good though, it didn't go further than that and didn't crave one yesterday or today.
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