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  1. Can be any sort of tip for life or anything in the world.

    My tip.

    If you are a fellow gig goer or raver and have as I do certain comfy trainers you have to wear for the occasion so you can get your groove on. No doubt as do mine they stink well heres my tip.

    Get some cat litter and stick it in ur trainers overnight after use empty it in the morning an the smell will be gone as the litter soaks all the moisture up and does something to the bacteria.

    Second part of the tip bad idea if you have a cat. LOL
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  2. Lmao random tips? Awesome

    when you get caught looking at another woman by your partner just say "you don't get fat by looking at the menu".
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  3. This happened once, we was sat in the car after football waiting to join the traffic, and a lass walked passed and I was watching her, and my head turned too, and she said, you was looking at her wasn't you? I was like nope, I was looking at something else :haha:

    My tip would be, not to attend a gig your brother really wanted to see, get pissed, fall over and then lose over £5, leaving him thoroughly pissed at me.
  4. My tip on gigs Ticketmaster is crap use gigs and tours as the site less prone to crashes plus days after a gig is sold out they sometimes have tickets left, as thats how I got my mates girlfriend Jessie J tickets!
  5. Jessie J............................

  6. Yeah they weren't for me!

  7. Of course not.... they were for Cloudina.
  8. I'd have been over the moon that they wasn't for me, if I was you. Jessie J, seriously?:facepalm1:
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Just the tip, just to see how it feels. :yes::yes:
  11. You knoe me Crayo like I'd buy Jessie J tickets! PLEASE!
  12. Lmao true, I could probably trust you to do the Manchester thing and shank her.

  13. It's possible as my mate does security at the M.E.N. arena!

  14. dont put a cow in the freezer.. it doesnt make icecream.
  15. Cat litter in your shoes? Take a damn shower and buy new kicks, drink water while you're on extacy.

    As for your mother? Tell her ill give her a tip. Just the tip, just to see how it feels.
  16. Cheeky Fucker lol

    I do I just have feet that sweat a shit load I can buy new trainers and they stink in like two days.
  17. I have buddies with stink feet, DR Scholls foot meds, and Pedegg will help. Baby powder also. The last thing you want is to miss out on getting laid because youre taking your clothes off and the first thing she smells is feet balls.
  18. LOLS good thing I'm taken!
  19. Tip of today watch out for people named Voorhees!
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