Tired of owning Crayo constantly.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. @[Rain] you're next, so get your arse in here.
  2. Sobrang yabang mo.

    Go check that on Google Translate
  3. Google Translate is for noobs.
  4. Still waiting, @[Rain].
  5. No wonder you got to 6000 posts, all you do is make spam topics.
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  6. New favorite user.
  7. Don't lie bitch. I'm still your favorite.
  8. Yeah good luck....
  9. :yes:
  10. You don't even know the half of it, so :stfu:

    @[Rain] Where are youuuuuuuuuu? :emoji_hushed:
  11. Don't make me feud with Hollywood D'Z, I don't want to embarrass the poor skimp. :haha:
  12. That's like trying to take a water break at a Jimi Hendrix concert while Hendrix is still on stage, it ain't happening.
  13. You embarrass yourself every time you post.
    By the way, the status feature isn't there for you to give us every update about your life. I'd highly suggest Twitter if you want to post countless things about your day.

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  14. Woah Woah wait a second, which one of you damn mods took Bumblefoot off my signature?
  15. :stfu: you dirty man-gina. You think you have something on me, yet you're the one who acts like a faggot on the forum.. not to mention, all of the mix-gender name changes you have done.

    Go back to elementary, skiddie. :tough:
  16. I act like a faggot cause I find it funny and you guys eat it up and take me so seriously sometimes. And I guess I'm in the wrong for liking girls. Meanwhile you idolize men (The Miz, Chris Hero, MVP) and I like sexy, attractive women.

    Here's a couple of your statuses.

    "Crayo, Opera or Safari? I've used Safari, but never Opera."

    "Have to type a report by tomorrow. The damn thing is on a reflection of what we've learned in psych, combined with A Child Called IT reflection :/"

    "How to fuck did I get an overdraft fee from my bank? I havn't even touched my bank account...
    FML I owe $35.. Looks like I'll be selling all of my PS3 games.."

    "Downloading Burn Notice Season 5 and 6."

    "Off to night class guys. I'll be back around 9:25 or 9:30"

    No one cares.
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  17. /me is amused by the fight and wants you two to continue.
  18. I won't stop until Crayo covers my potatoes in vaseline and calls me Candice.
  19. /me doesn't know how to respond to that

    Here's a picture of Ron with a guitar pedal
  20. Quite frankly, I don't give two shits about you "caring" about my statuses... You must care enough to point them out like a pathetic moron. If you truly didn't care, you would have ignored them and went on about your life, (Implying as if you had one).

    I might idolize men, because I wish I could become like them... accomplish everything that they have, whereas you idolize women, change your name to a chicks name, and most likely snap your bean to her at night. If you truly idolize her, and want to become her, go get a sex change then, no one's stopping you.
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