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  1. There has been quite a bit of brainstorming going on since this forum started, and a lot of features have been mentioned in passing. I shall attempt to mention most of them here in this thread, granted my memory is working properly.


    Adcheck handles who should see adverts plotted around the site. It's main purpose is to hide all adverts to certain user-groups and to people who post 10 (by default, could be raised or lowered in the future) posts or threads. When the user reaches 10 posts/threads, he/she will not see adverts for a temporary period.

    Note that the logs get reset at Midnight EST time, so if you're posting at 11pm EST and you're on 9 posts, hold off for another hour otherwise your session will be reset and you'll need to make another 10 posts.

    Superstars are exempt from this, as ads are not shown to them.


    Tiffer is a broad notification system I plan on adding to WWEF, the features I have in mind are as follows (in no particular order):

    • Compact quick-view inside top bar of header
    • Following threads - Getting notifications from new replies
    • Following users' activity - Getting notifications when they post a new reply or thread
    • Ability to mark threads as "changed" when editing first post - This will basically just notify anyone following the thread with a possible custom message.

    The list is short, because I plan on keeping it as minimal as possible and using other plugin's relative to their own features to interact with this.

    Karman will just be a post/thread rating system, keeping and displaying statistics for the user's total post/thread karma.

    Karman will work with the notifications plugin to notify a user when he/she receives over (or under) a certain amount of karma for any given post/thread.

    A post with a certain number of negative karma will be shrunk and hidden, needing to be clicked on to be shown. User's will be able to choose whether they want this feature enabled.

    Staters will just be a status-update plugin. As mentioned earlier in the notification plugin, user's can opt to follow a certain user. This will add upon that, letting them choose from a list what they are looking to follow; status updates, new posts/threads or both.

    Mottum (MOTM)
    Mottum will be an automated member of the month plugin. On a specific day of each month, a thread will automatically be created allowing people to vote by replying to the thread. After a certain time period the thread will automatically be closed and the scores will automatically by totted up.

    The plugin will then check who won, and automatically award them with the prize. Automatically.


    Many of these features are just ones I could remember off the top of my head. Most are likely to change. A lot of features will be added personally for Superstars also, but those features will be decided while the plugin is in development.

    Merry turkey-day and an alcoholic new year.
  2. I like the ideas, good job.
  3. Has to up-stage me in terms of thread quality doesn't he...

    :emoji_wink: Looking forward to these. That notifications and MOTM plugin especially, there's nothing like that in MyBB atm. So this will be the very first MyBB forum to have such features. The fact that Karman and Staters works within the Notifications system aswell is just so much win.
  4. Love the ideas :emoji_slight_smile: good luck and thanks for these updates.
  5. Something like "1 day 18 Hours 10 Secs- Monday Night Raw" in the top left?
  6. Absolutely great idea.
  7. Any idea when these will be introduced? Big fan of the status plugin idea. With a side-box where our status' can be seen publicly, that's quite cool. Massive fan of notifications but I'm assuming that one is going to take ages.
  8. I'd like to get one of them finished over this weekend.

    The main problem with the status update plugin that may take some time is controlling user input and getting a good user interface set up for reading other people's statuses easier.
    I may focus on the Notifications plugin first though, since then all of the other plugins can make use of it by showing recent status updates from other people in your notifications box. But again, the user interface needs to be thought over.
  9. Woo thanks for replying :emoji_wink:

    Reading over the notifications plugin, that sounds incredibly difficult :O.
  10. Sounds like this will take a couple days to do. I'm hoping it'll all turn out for the better though, because this sounds like a decent idea.