Titanfall BETA - amazing

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. Anyone played it? It's fucking insane. This will be the GOTY no doubt.
  2. Sadly I only got Xbox 360, not X1 or a gaming PC so I will have till its released on Xbox 360 to play it.
  3. I hope I can get into the PC beta.
  4. The servers don't work. At all.
  5. It's pretty good, honestly tho it seemed a little overhyped.
    My biggest issue is with the servers, I disconnected or lagged in every 3/5 games. That shouldn't really happen with a closed beta because they set the cap for how many registrations they can have so the servers should be able to handle that cap just fine. Gameplay/Visuals are closer to Next Gen but not QUITE what I want to see from these systems just yet.

    If I was going off everything combined about it so far I'd say 6/10, but excluding the server issues it's a good 7.5 or 8 / 10, definitely going to be an immediate buy for most X-Box One players since they don't have much to work with.
  6. Playing it right now. Nice lie.
  7. Why when I tried playing it last night it didn't work at all
  8. Servers crashed for like 20-30 minutes last night between somewhere during the 10pm-12pm EST block.
  9. They were down all last night.
  10. That's weird I was able to play some games at my friends house from like 11pm EST last night until like 5 this morning. Disced out of like 1/3 of them but still was able to play.
  11. Giving away a BETA code if anyone needs it.
  12. I have a spare too.
  13. It's only just in Beta, less than month before release........What?
  14. There's a few other games that have done the same thing, a few of the Gears of War games did that.
    It's just to test out the servers and such for kinks, they know the game at its core works properly haha :emoji_slight_smile:

    This game is definitely revolutionary, combining basic CoD with basic mech warrior assault and adding the element of double jumping and wall jumping making verticality a huge factor in the game is a totally different concept then the usual games that come out. For anyone who's thinking of getting an X-Box One and wasn't sure when to do it, this is definitely a good time the game is going to be successful.
  15. I have been really distracted the past two months, but i did mange to get a few games in on the beta, enjoyed it a lot, the main thing that did irk me was the smart pistol if someone who was capable was using it. Some of the burn cards are a bit stupid if you are a good player too, like showing everyone on the map, but i suppose they only last one life.
  16. You do know that almost every popular multiplayer game does this, right?
  17. Yeah it's sweet.
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    Only Battlepaste springs to mind. Those aren't betas at all, merely server stress tests. EA and Dice think we are stupid. A true beta where the devs intend to fix things should last months, just like Destiny looks to be doing. (though that beta isn't released yet, the rumour is that it isn't far away)
    Anyway, Titanfall felt good. Really fluid and intuitive, though I couldn't play for hours on end.
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  19. edit: misread your post.

    Regardless, this was just a server stress test, so Raven questioning Titanfall having a BETA so close to launch was pretty redundant imo.
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