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  1. Back by popular demand...

    Post below and I will make you an entrance video using your name and a colour scheme (for a nameplate), clips from your matches in this league and your theme music. Sign up below using the following template, if you don't want to spoil a debut/return with a request here then PM me but I'd rather keep other requests here so they're all in one place.

    Use the character name as you want it to appear in the tron, the colour scheme for the nameplate (if you want to include other ideas for that then please do), the theme music would ideally be an mp3 download for convenience if you already have that, but if not then YouTube's fine too, and I'd suggest including 4-5 matches if you have them (use as many as you can if you don't have that many recorded matches, if you have more then link your favourites). Make sure to put your match clips in a spoiler to compact your post!

    Character Name:
    Colour scheme:
    Theme music:
    Match clips:
  2. Character Name: Will Neilson. (He's returning.)
    Colour Scheme: Grey/Black/White (Seth Rollins return colours.)
    Theme Music:
    Match Clips: (below.)

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    Character Name: Robert Blake
    Colour scheme: Green
    Theme music: THY ART IS MURDER - HOLY WAR
    Match clips:

  4. well I have to get those videos again....
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  5. First on the list! I'll get going on the nameplate tonight sometime and post it here for you to feedback on.
  6. why didn't you copy and paste it?
  7. I did but only the images copied over haha
  8. Character Name: Reginald's Master
    Colour scheme: Blue/Purple OR Green
    Theme music:
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    Match clips: Use whichever ones you want, here's a bunch of vids.

    Show Spoiler

  9. Is Reginald's Master how you want it to actually appear?
  10. ahahaha as much as I would like to say yes, no. Buster Gates, Mr. Money, The Money Man... Take your pick
  11. Robert Blake wants his as "The God Of Darkness"
  12. I did specify in the start to the thread ffs... :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Sure? kk
  13. I don't say no to Robert Blake when he demands something like this
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  14. @TheKingSonic thoughts on these?



    So, which do you prefer? And any other thoughts on design/font/colouring?

  15. I like the top one, you've nailed the colour scheme. :bodallas:
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  16. Big progress being made on your titantron, hopefully you get it tonight sometime (dependent on irl stuff and how long my promo takes me :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:). It's pretty hype so far, I think you'll like it. Your new theme is a big improvement too btw :emoji_slight_smile:
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  17. Character Name: Joseph Diamond
    Colour Scheme: Black (#000000), Hot Pink (#ff040), Cyan Blue (#c5ffcc)
    Theme Music: Diamonds from Sierra Leone - Original

    Specifics: Incorporate these logos in somewhere
    Large Images (open)

    [​IMG] , and if you can try and get this one in here (it looks best on a black background, just so you know) [​IMG] , and scatter these in places if you can.

    In video #1, incorporate 0:43-0:46 in some form.

    Just do your best man, really looking forward to this.
  18. @TheKingSonic done and rendering - will upload and then maybe start on @TheFrostyBlur tonight (if he's nice to me :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:). That should be done this week and then @SupaHeeroh and @CiV should hopefully have theirs next week. :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. :cry:
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  20. @TheKingSonic BADABANG!

    Let me know what you think of it and if you have anything you'd like changing. :emoji_slight_smile:
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