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  1. What were your thoughts on them? A few years ago while the wrestlers had their entrances it would close in on the titantron shedding some light on who the character was. If you're not familiar from what I'm talking about, here are a few example. They should play around the beginning of the video.
    Take note that I don't mean that it would shed light on all characters. Some specific one's are Abyss or Sting. But in reality, that's usually the whole point of a titantron.


  2. Yeah it's a little touch but could help alot, what annoys me more is those little titantron things where the guys just repeat the same movements or it's just their logo.
  3. Don't REALLY care for them, but they are a nice touch.
  4. I know what you're talking about. It's pretty much there name and it moves around repeatedly. Might as well have these if they're possible.

    It doesn't hurt to do it.
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  5. Does anyone in TNA atm even have this thing?:dawg:

    Can't recall.
  6. No. :downer:

    Loved Abyss's though back then.
  7. I think AJ has one that is moving. Mostly graphics though. Same with Gail Kim.
  8. ^this
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