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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by seabs, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet but what titles do people want for this fed? A world title is going to have to be in place but do you want it to be called the World Heavyweight title, or the Federation X title? How about the midcard what titles do we want for this? Womens and Tag division, yay or nay? We're open to any type of recommendation for how it should look or what it should be called. Also if anyone is good at making stuff like this it would come in handy as my skills are very limited in this aspect.
  2. A World Title is a must obviously. Whether you include tag tiles or a women's title depends on if you have enough characters for each of those divisions. I'm just saying this because there's only a couple characters signed up so far and they're all singles guys.

    I'm actually kinda on the fence on whether there should be a midcard title or not. I've always though that there should be one belt to determine who's the best wrestler in the fed, and having 2 belts for one division makes that kind of confusing. But more importantly, at the start of the fed you're not going to know who the best is, so there's going to be competition between the characters (maybe tournaments and such) so that the cream has the opportunity to rise to the top if you know what I mean. There won't even be a midcard until the top guys are determined, and then when there's enough lower card guys, then maybe you can think about introducing a midcard belt to give those guys something to fight for. I hope this makes sense.
  3. Well depending on the size of our fed, we should have only 3 titles.

    One main World title between both brands
    One title for the first brand and another for the other brand
  4. I think you should wait to see if you can get enough characters for one brand before doing any talk about a second brand...
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  5. Yeah I was just going to edit Tell me how this is for a start

    One brand, one show.
    One main world title
  6. Find myself agreeing with you a lot already, and you only just signed up lol :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Well he is more familiar with E-Feds than anyone else a part of this forum besides Rey
  8. That sounds good. One world title is the way to go. And like I said in my first post, a midcard title should come after, if you chose to have one at all that is.
  9. World title and Cruiserweight title, (If we have enough smaller characters like mine). If not, then just a World title and a Tag Title.

    World Fedaration X Championship
    Fedaration X Alliance titles
  10. I think the Tag titles should also be added as more people start joining. So when we have at least 15-20 people, we should add the tag titles.

    One question is how are we going to book the first show? Just have like a tournament for titles or what?
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  11. I think you should crown the first world champ at the fist PPV. That should give you so time to see who should win it.
  12. Yeah but how about the daily week shows? Thats what I meant for the 1st Show
  13. I don't think we'll have enough guys for anything more than a World title at first. Maybe as things grow and develop new belts can be introduced, but having multiple titles in a fed with 10-15 guys doesn't do much besides devalue the main belt IMO
  14. THIS.

    Well at first the shows are gonna be more random until you guys get to know all the characters better (and people's writing skills, strengths/weaknesses, etc) and then maybe start a tournament on the later shows once you get used to the Fed a little. The first show's probably gonna be like an introduction to the characters, with some interviews and some matches, things like that. Then you can start booking some storylines or rivalries between characters who you'd like to see feud with each other.

    Anyway, my main point is that before anything else, let's see how many people sign up, and then once the shows get going, see what the characters are like. And then worry about stuff like title belts and tournaments.
  15. Yeah I was thinking that too but thanks for the answer or else since I am excited for more people to join so we can get this E-Fed started!
  16. Hello, let me introduce myself. I am your first ever and NEW Federation X World Heavyweight Champion, "The Executor" Ramees!


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    Charlie Sheen Persona: Kidding!
  17. I think title wise should go on this general rule:

    World Title for a roster size of at least 6 superstars

    Tag Team if you have an additional 8 stars, so you'd have 4 teams to begin with to feud over the title.

    Mid-Card Belt - I'd say it should be added before the Tag Team if you end up with 12 superstar roster, as you'll have non-title feuds and 1 title.

    As Ziggler said you start off randomly booking unless you really know the characters at the start, in which case you can plan the storyline. What kind of fed are you running? Angled?
  18. You do know this thread is 2 years old and Federation X isn't even around anymore?
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