Spoiler Title change expected on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. A champion will be losing the title to a competitor! I'm so smart :smug:
  2. Orton to Lesnar. Just a wild guess.
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  3. :please: I will forever love you if you're right
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  4. I think I heard it being rumored a couple of weeks ago, idk though lol. I could see it being a possibility since WWE want something big to end Raw, and what else than Lesnar winning the WWE Championship? I don't know about you, but it sounds pretty cool to me.
  5. Bryan wins at EC, Lesnar wins the next night, fatal four way at Mania.
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  6. This would be cool. Orton retains at EC Lesnars music hits and he comes and F5's Orton sets up a title match on RAW.
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  7. puke
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  8. Brock Lesnar won't win the title on Monday because he is going into a feud with the Undertaker... what sense would it be to have him have the title going into Wrestlemania? None. Lesnar will win the title Sunday night though... in front of his hometown fans after he bullies his way into the Chamber.... the next night someone, most likely Orton, will challenge Lesnar and Lesnar will drop the title after being distracted by the Undertaker... this sets up a solid reason for Lesnar and Undertaker to feud heading into WM30.
  9. why would taker want to cost Brock the title lol
  10. Because they have a history... and to teach him a lesson for talking so much shit..... does WWE really always have reasons behind everything? No. There are times they do stuff and the fans just accept it and move on... I think this is one of those times... they will think up something.
  11. just seems out of character for Taker. lots of better ways to set up that feud
  12. Well then if it's not that... then my other theory is that Big E retains at EC and then Swagger wins the IC on RAW with help from Cesaro and Colter..... I think this is more likely than the World title changing hands but what I'd really like to see is if Ortons retains Bryan gets a shot the next night and wins it. But yeah whatever lol... no matter what happens RAW is bound to be entertaining.
  13. it probably just means Big E is going to lose randomly and turn the EC IC match into a 3way.
  14. Lesnar winning the WWE Championship from Orton on Raw would just be terrible. If they're gonna give Lesnar the strap (they're not, at least not yet), then make him look like a beast by putting him in the chamber match (in his home town no less) and having him win it there.

    Pretty obvious that it'll be Dean Ambrose losing the United States Championship. I think most everyone has figured that him losing the US Title and blaming Rollins and Reigns for not being there for him during the match (and perhaps the two of them telling him in return that if he's "the boss" like he says he is, he shouldn't need their help to retain the championship... especially with Reigns calling him out lately on how long it's been since he's even defended the belt like a true champion should) is gonna be used to cause further tension between he and the other two. This is especially the case considering they'll be coming off a huge loss just one night before to the Wyatts at Elimination Chamber, and Ambrose will likely be playing the blame game anyway. This will then eventually lead to the inevitable breakup of the group within the next couple of weeks or so.
  15. It probably won't happen but why would you bitch about this? The rest of the fans get what they want with Bryan, you get what you want with Lesnar, and most importantly Triple H gets what he wants with Batista and Orton. Everybody wins.

    Wasn't it reported before that Lesnar would be getting the belt here? It's probably that
  16. multi man matches are lame. triple threat is bad enough, seriously fuck a 4 way
  17. Throwing Lesnar into a four way match at Mania is an odd idea. He works much better being promoted in a one-on-one match against someone (same goes for Mania main events in general.) Plus, it's best to keep Lesnar and Batista from physically interacting with one another until it's time for them to clash one-on-one.
  18. The RAW episode is after EC. Oh aids.
  19. It's gotta be Ambrose losing the US Title.
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