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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Dec 14, 2015.

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    Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus for the WWE World title, on RAW. The stipulation was, if Reigns had lost, then he would've been fired. He almost got screwed over by 3/4 of League of Nations, but bounced back. He knocked out VInce McMahon and won the title.

    In my opinion, he should've won it at TLC. They could've had Triple H attempting to restart the match and screw him out of the title, and have the massacre ensue, anyways. I just think that Reigns' big moment shouldn't be given away on RAW or Survivor Series (which is actually worse than RAW).

    This basically sets, Reigns vs. Sheamus for the Royal Rumble, which is eh. I could do without it, but It's a logical thing to do.

    That leaves the question, as to who is going to win the Royal Rumble. I have a feeling it might be Lesnar. It would be stupid, but I don't see anyone else going against him. I would rather have Owens or a heel Dean Ambrose, winning. But I guess we have to wait and see.
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  2. Did you see this?

    I didn't even consider this. He may be stripped for punching Vince but then again the deal was that he had to win the match. I am so confused as to where this is going yet so happy because I have no idea!
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  3. I think it was definitely done to get the rating up. Vince wanted to show everyone that Raw doesn't suck and can still be entertaining and surprising and keep you hyped and wondering what will happen next week. Next week is the Slammy Awards show and its sponsored by Coca Cola, so I think Vinnie Mac wanted to make a splash tonight so he could reel lots of viewers in next week.
  4. I think the way they did it was fine. I usually prefer for them to constrain title switches (especially when it concerns the world title) to happen only on PPV, but I don't mind when they happen on Raw or Smackdown just as long as it's done sporadically. After a string of horrible shows and record-low ratings, they needed to do something out of the ordinary to get people excited and get them talking, and I think they've succeeded so far (especially with the legitimacy of Reigns' title victory and job security still up in the air.)

    As for Wrestlemania, Reigns vs Triple H is the match with all the story and build behind it, so why anyone is seriously contemplating any other opponent for Roman is beyond me. As for how to book things at the Rumble, there's a couple of different ways they can go with this one:

    1. Reigns is stripped of the title and the belt is once again declared vacant, and for the first time in 24 years, we get a Rumble for the vacant WWE Championship. Don't see them going down this route, especially since it would revolve around Reigns capturing his second vacant championship within the span of two months.

    2. Reigns keeps the title, defends it against Sheamus at the Rumble, and then HHH, having not made a single appearance on the show since then, enters himself into the match at #30 and wins it. Or if he really wanted to be a bastard, he waits for the match to end and for someone else to be declared the winner (and you can choose whatever babyface you want for this position... Ambrose would probably fit best for a couple of obvious reasons), and then Stephanie comes out and says this year has a special 31st entrant, and out he comes. He tosses out the winner, screwing them over and winning the match and then getting on the mic and saying that he's gonna take care of Roman himself at WM.
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  5. It was pretty great. Even if one doesn't think he's the right guy to push, I find it hard to say that they pushed him wrong. I could've done without yet another testicle joke, but at least he didn't talk much. I could see him facing either HHH, Cena or Lesnar at WM, and it seems clear to me that he'll go through all 3 in this title run (or at least he should, if they want him to be the ace).
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  6. I really don't think HHH is going to face Reigns at Wrestlemania. Yeah the story is there, but I don't see HHH winning the Royal Rumble match this year. I don't even see him being in it. No this late in his career. I definitely don't see the Rumble being a title match itself neither. Brock vs Roman makes sense to me. They have to finish what they started at Wm31. Plus they're gonna need to sell a lot of tickets, and Brock is the way to go for that, he needs to be in the main event. I think Triple H will face Roman Reigns possibly at Fastlane. Especially since its more of a throw away PPV. Having HHH vs Reigns for Fastlane will make it more worthy to watch and care about.
  7. I have no problem whatsoever with how things were done last night. Reigns, as a champion and above all getting cheered in a city that booed him out of the building 11 months ago, is a-okay with me. Plus, I love a title change on RAW, it brings all the fun back to WWE's flagship show.

    One thing's for certain, though. The feud ain't over. There are a lot of scenarios that could happen from here on out:

    1) Sheamus could invoke his rematch clause for Royal Rumble and LOSE, if the plan is to have Reigns vs HHH at WM 32.

    2) Roman could get stripped of the title (because he hit Vince) and go on to earn it back again by competing in the Rumble match.
    He regains the title, but then HHH screws him out of it, again. I don't know how I'd feel about that.

    3) Roman remains the champion, but Vince makes him defend it in the Rumble match itself.

    There really a LOT of scenarios that could happen, but I'm too tired to discuss 'em all right now.
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    Brock is a big enough star that he doesn't need to be in the main event to sell tickets, especially when it comes to Wrestlemania which sells almost entirely on brand name value anyway. Brock vs Roman have unfinished business, but that doesn't mean their business needs to be settled anytime soon. I'm not a fan at all of the idea of rushing through the feud with Hunter and The Authority within a couple of months just so that they can hurry to get to a Lesnar/Reigns rematch. Besides, it leaves Hunter with no one to face at Mania.

    The Authority are easily the biggest heels on the show and the company should be focusing on getting Roman Reigns over as much as they possibly can via his rebellion against them. Save the match between them for Wrestlemania, build up as much anticipation for it as possible, and then have him finally triumph over Hunter and (hopefully) end The Authority for good there.

    The only way I can see Reigns vs Brock II at Mania is if The Rock wrestles at WM32 after all, since Rock vs HHH was their planned main event several months ago. In that case, they can do Reigns/HHH at the Rumble for the title and have Rock in Reigns' corner and build to Rock/HHH that way by having Rock get involved, and then have Reigns defend his title against the Rumble winner, which would be either Lesnar or Cena.
  9. I would love to see HHH do a screw job like Vince is known for.
  10. Last night really said it all for me. Sheamus was a transitional champ at best that only got it because his title win coincided with the release of the TMNT 2 trailer. A movie he happens to be in.

    This was always the plan. Put the title on someone the crowd hates even more than Reigns just long enough to make them want him to win. Then pull the trigger in a way that feels unique to get everyone talking, bringing out Vince as the icing on the cake.

    Give it a week and you'll all realize this really isn't that special. By WrestleMania we'll all be praying for Brock Lesnar to kill him.
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  11. Either way, it worked. But I don't see it being Brock. I see it being HHH. People will want Brock to win. They can't put Roman against someone that is consistently over with the crowd.
  12. Now that I think about it, you're right. If they want Brock to win the Royal Rumble, then they absolutely have to do his title match the PPV before WrestleMania so that a WrestleMania feud can be set up for Brock there and so Triple H can face Roman at WrestleMania, because yes, nobody is gonna cheer Roman over Brock for WrestleMania, and both Brock and Roman should win at this year's WrestleMania.
  13. But with Brock vs Roman there would be a mystery as to who would walk out of Dallas as WWE champion. With Triple H vs Roman EVERYBODY knows that Roman is going to go over, so wheres the excitement in that? I think Dean Ambrose vs Triple H could possibly work if HHH somehow screws Dean out of the IC title.
  14. Not sure how much of a mystery there'd be surrounding Brock vs Roman II. I think even the most casual of fans would probably be able to guess that Reigns walks away the victor in that match, no different than a bout with HHH.

    Predictability isn't always a bad thing either as long as the story and the match are intriguing enough to get people amped up and excited enough to see the conclusion play out. We all knew Bryan was overcoming The Authority and becoming WWE Champion at Wrestlemania XXX, but that didn't make the moment any less exciting.
  15. Options:
    1) Roman is stripped of title or loses it back to Sheamus (bad option)

    2) What the Goat said with Trips, Triple H returns as a special 31st entant and screws over Ambrose to win the rumble. (Good idea)

    3)Entering as a shocking 30th entrant in the rumble, DANIEL BRYAN WHO SHOULD BE CLEARED IF WWE FINALLY DECIDES HOLDING HIM BACK IS STUPID, wins, Bryan vs. Reigns at Mania which with Reign's progression, would go out really well. What happens to Brock? I keep saying it... Lesnar vs. Owens, Lesnar vs. Owens, Lesnar vs. Owens
  16. I really think it played out pretty close to perfectly.

    TLC, going in, was the most pointless PPV of all time lol. Not a single person was buy that show outside of the people who were already subscribed, so they went into that show with an ice-cold main event and left it with Roman beating all sorts of ass. Positivity! Progression! Yay, that show gave us something! So going into Raw you had a much warmer character, and we saw what played out and it was fantastic.

    Here's the trick with Roman: His biggest issue has been he's what "they" want. "They" want to make this guy a star and "they" know what's better for us and everyone else be damned, "they" want Roman, dammit. If we can describe Roman Reigns's story without using the word "They" you're doing awesome. "OMG did you see the end of TLC? Roman beat all sorts of ass!" "Hey, did you see Raw? Stephanie smacked the shit out of Roman and Vince came back and Roman won the title and took out like 5 dudes in the process!"

    Instead of trying to explain what's going on via vague backstage rationale that we're getting from watching the show, we're just describing what just happened on the show. Probably for the first time this year. Amazing what happens when things actually happen on Raw.

    The thing is, going forward, either Roman isn't keeping the belt or Triple H is going to dominate the Royal Rumble. That has to be the Mania match at this point. Maybe a dark horse to win the Rumble could be Kevin Owens if those rumors are to be believed, and we get Roman vs Brock Lesnar at Fast Lane, but having Roman lose clean to The Beast seems like a really stupid idea...

    Also, Roman vs Lesnar actually feels like a possibility now.

    I don't know how they'll get from here to Wrestlemania, so lets tune into Raw and find out. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  17. Now I'm legitimaly curious as to who will win the royal rumble. Maybe Trips will use his CEO magic to enter the rumble last and win it?
  18. Either way we all already know how WM ends regardless of who Reigns faces.
  19. I think HHH will challenge Roman for the title at Fastlane. Sheamus and Roman will have their last match at Royal Rumble so then that'll be over with. But then who is Reigns gonna face at Fastlane? Thats right, the GAME!
  20. Just thought about this though...

    What if Vince strips Roman of the title on Raw? And then tells Roman he has to win The Royal Rumble to earn another title shot? Then he puts him in at #1 and Roman wins the Royal Rumble again as the iron man?

    Very possible guys...
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