Title changes on House shows

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Ironman666, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. As the title suggests.....why is there never any title changes anymore on Raw or Smackdown?

    When I was a kid I can remember titles changing hands on the house shows
  2. Do you mean title changes on RAW or SmackDown (televised) or the general house shows where it isn't televised?

    If you mean the latter, it's always been rare. There was a tag-team title change though relatively recently when Primo & Epico dropped the titles at a house show.

    If you mean the former, then I sort of agree. I don't think the WHC or WWE title should be constantly defended on RAW/SmackDown - or at least change hands on RAW/SmackDown - as it increases the prestige of the title and makes PPV's more interesting and worth it if they don't.
  3. Actually Primo and Epico won the titles at a house show
  4. Bob Backlund dropped the WWF title in a house show :okay:
  5. Ugh I say pot-ay-to you say pot-ah-to
  6. And Leo says Cum-Quat :otunga:
  7. They need the odd title change on RAW and SD maybe like the US title and the Divas title but nothing huge.

    Regards house shows not gonna happen often really due to the non televised nature of these shows and WWE running the storylines on RAW and SD. So apart from the odd change like the Epico and Primo one which was due to having to suspend Bourne if I recollect unless it's a forced change it's not gonna happen.
  8. yh the US/IC/TAG TEAM there the only titles that will change on Raw/SD
  9. I may of minced my words a little I meant Televised shows Raw/Smackdown...

    I think it's something they need to look at,I mean on average at the moment lets say there's 4 Raws a month given the exception of 5 week months you can guarantee out of them 4 shows 1 will be a cracker and 3 will be very average at best
  10. They don't change on any show apart from PPVs much mainly because if they did, PPV's would have no draw. People would have no reason to buy them if they knew they could see the title change hands on TV for free in 3 weeks or so.

    All about business.
  11. Exactly as Jonathan says although I see no reason for the lower belts to change hands on RAW/SD sometimes like the Diva's and US!

    Both a bit crap but they could build them up on RAW and SD with some defences and storylines and decent feuds.
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