Titus O'neil and Darren Young appreciation thread.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 26, 2012.

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  1. What a pleasant shock these two are. I'm a mark for them. I would have laughed my ass off if someone told me a month or two ago that I'd be marking for these two.
  2. Titus & O'neil appreciation thread.

  3. Titus & O'neil appreciation thread.

    Off topic: It's DArren Young and Titus O'neil.

    On Topic: I'm such a mark for them. Bringing personality back to the tag team division. Their segment with the Usos this week was ball.

  4. Titus & O'neil appreciation thread.

    Millions of dollars. I'm a mark since they came in, and can't wait to see them get built up enough for a tag title run.
  5. Titus & O'neil appreciation thread.

    Forgot to put Darren in the OP title, ffs!
  6. Titus & O'neil and Darren Young appreciation thread.

    I'm loving them. They really entertain me and can save the tag division.
  7. Titus & O'neil and Darren Young appreciation thread.

    Crayo: There's not suppose to be a & in Titus O'neils name :otunga:
  8. Titus & O'neil and Darren Young appreciation thread.

    I think I'm the only one who's not digging these guys.
  9. RE: Titus & O'neil and Darren Young appreciation thread.

    FML :tough:
  10. RE: Titus & O'neil and Darren Young appreciation thread.

    What you don't like about them? I think they're look a little green, but that's all.
  11. I think they're great. They're really funny, interesting and have great potential as a tag-team. I can't see them going really far as single-stars with the exception of Darren Young. The Tag Team division is in need of being reformed, these two guys being on SmackDown makes the Tag Team Division way better. They're awesome.
  12. RE: Titus & O'neil and Darren Young appreciation thread.

    Just not feeling them. Maybe it needs some time. Had the same thing with D-Bry.
  13. Even with them being green they're more entertaining to watch wrestle since they actually work as a tag-team.
  14. Titus O'neil GOOD! Darren Young SUCK! END STORY CASE CLOSED!

  15. [​IMG]
    Sorry... I could not hear you guys over them pecks :gusta:

    Show'em how it's done boys. I could post gifs of them all day they bring such a smile to my face.
  16. Things would be so much better if you had reasoning involved. You dont like the way they talk, wrestle, their move set, or finisher? I cant close the case, you dont have enough evidence.
  17. I understand. I had that with Ziggler for some time too, he just didn't get to me. Now I'm a big fan of his.

    Agreed. They have enough experience to work a decent match, and the fact that they do work as a tag and have a double finisher helps to see them as a team.
  18. These guys have potential to be bigger than Edge and Christian. :obama::burns:
  19. This was the highlight of NXT Season 5... Watch Titus and Darren's entrance here, fucking classic.

    Woulda kept them in my sig, but having a couple of half naked guys bouncing around in my sig was really awkward... Screw it, adding them back.
  20. ^That entrance is going to be a classic
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