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  1. One of the strangest off-script moments in recent memory. Following the Daniel Bryan retirement segment on Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon headed back to the locker room. As he passed the wrestlers onstage, Titus O’ Neil grabbed Vince’s arm and seemed to share a laugh with him. After the fact, WWE announced that O’Neil had been suspended a shocking 90 days for “unprofessional conduct.” At the time, nobody – including O’Neil – was sure why the performer was suspended. So far as anyone can tell, it was related to the fact that he grabbed Vince McMahon’s arm. How such a simple moment could lead to a 90-day suspension – which was later reduced to 60 days – is something that nobody could really figure out.

    According to a recent interview on the Sam Roberts Podcast, Titus O'Neil reveals the following:

    "If Vince McMahon was racist, I would not be apart of this company, point blank period.
    I don't need a cheque that bad. Quite honestly me and Vince have a very good relationship
    even today."
  2. I don't think anyone thought this was a race thing anyways
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  3. whoever thought this was a purely racist move on Vince's behalf is an idiot. We can all agree that Vince overreacted in that situation but in no way shape or form should people ever call someone racist because a black guy was involved. That's ridiculous and almost childish that this was a discussion on the internet in the first place
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  4. nah Vince is not racist :ohyeah::vince3:
  5. Are you just going to share videos from the same source that have sensational titles and are to do with backstage drama all the time?
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  6. Well considering that everything is considered racist now a days, it’s not surprising that anyone has to explain “racism” away. Nearly any incident involving a white public figure who does something to another race, even though it has nothing to do with their skin color, might end of having to explain their actions. It’s the world we’ve created and live in.

    I agree that in this particular instance, I never heard the racism card be played, but I’m sure Titus did, and thus he’s confirming that Vince isn’t racist.
  7. I have multiple news sources but I only need one good video one and I post news rumors, behind the scenes stories non drama ones as well
  8. I heard speculation it was a racial issue shortly after the event occurred back on an old forum I was a member of.
  9. Meanwhile Grievous doesn't care what Titus O'Neil has to say...

    Also enough with the ALL CAPS thread titles for fuck's sake!
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  10. We live in a world now where men have to apologize for being men AND white so its no shock there are idiots out there that tack on the buzz word racist to EVERY thing. Same as the word sexist being used for everything now as well i mean can someone explain how its sexist to tell a pregnant woman not to drink?
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  11. People will continue to call him a racist until a black guy holds THEE belt... But he has had black women hold them... So :idk2:
    I mean the big belts for women... I don't know where I was going with this.
  12. I mean, Jinder Mahal was WWE Champion. Sure he's not black, but he's dark enough to be the "we're totally not racist 'cause we put the belt on this guy' champion, right?
  13. Just remember, The Rock isn't black enough
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  14. If I can still see him when I turn out the lights, he isn't black enough.
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  15. You can be racist to one race though. It is basically declaring your "race" above another, not necessarily all of them.
    I don't know. I see people throwing the term "racist" around so much these days it has basically become a meme.
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