News Titus ONeil Suspended!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Koko B., Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. He just got pinned by Adam Rose so I don't see how his punishment can get much worse
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  2. Did he grab Mcmahons grapefruits?
  3. racist WWE once again being racist. Clearly a pigment issue
  4. here she is

    link was broken for some reason.
  5. I hope Titus likes jobbing on Main Event for the rest of his career
  6. That's the only "push" Titus will ever receive from Vince. :titus:
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  7. Damn well that just buried him for life, and that's a good lol wwe moment right there
  8. Seems harsh but I guess doing it to the boss is not the best of ideas.

    He is going to join the kiss my ass club now:ohyeah:
  9. Just realized he will miss Wrestlemania too.

    He better post a lot of pictures of him feeding a lot of homeless people to make up for this
  10. In 2016, no one is safe. Sounds like something small to me, IMO, probably shouldn't have done it but a suspension sounds over the top.
  11. [​IMG]

    That's what you get for crossing the boss
  12. That sucks to hear. He was destined to do great things at this year's Mania.

    Dayumn, I guess that Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal victory will go to somebody else.
  13. I hope Titus's original plan was to do the "millions of dollars" dance with Vince McMahon and it back fired lmao
  14. Vince was like wtf get off me Kofi
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  15. Vince is white. Titus is black. Makes sense.
  16. Then he demanded Shelton Benjamin be fired
  17. There must be more to this. Titus and Vince must be on bad terms, because if they are cool or there was nothing leading up to this and he was suspended 3 months including a Mania check for THAT... wtf.
  18. 90 days is typically the suspension time for someone caught breaching the wellness policy for the second time. I agree that there has to be more to this.

    Could it be that Titus BFF Batista refused a mania payday? Did Titus get caught with something? Did he sneeze in front of Vince?
    Will we ever know?
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