Titus O'Neil to confront AJ

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  2. So there you have it, one backstage segment we already know of. Possibly on the pre-show.
  3. Titus is a boss. PTP should be champs already. #MillionsOfDollars
  4. Yeah, I hope DB and Kane eventually drop the titles to them.
  5. D.B and Kane to drop them at Royal Rumble would be good.
  6. Titus O'Neil is like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel room, UNSTOPPABLE!
  7. Haha, made me giggle like a girl.
  8. Get this criminal off Staff and the site or I'll sue this joint :bury:
  9. :dawg:
  10. I think the word you're looking for is "eventually" not "occasionally" :smug:.

  11. Yeah, that's true. Confused it with Portuguese there a little bit. Still sleepy. Thanks boss.
  12. Kane and Daniel Bryan to win tag team championships, then Prime Time Players come out and beat them for it thanks to AJ and Prime Time Players walk out the champions.
  13. OH HELL NO. :obama:
  14. This might actually happen... That's an awesome call if you're serious.

    It'd boost the anger within Kane & DB, give Titus yelling at AJ some relevance. Hmm :hmm:
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