Titus US Title Shot

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. Well in a surprising turn of events, Titus is not only back on Raw, but he's getting handed a US Title match against Rusev at MITB. This is a complete curveball if you ask me as most superstars would've simply bailed after their contact or be smashed into a oblivion after their suspension was up.

    Titus is back and is seemingly getting a huge push if WWE is handing him a US Title match right away. Does this mean that WWE may be slowing pushing Titus to be the next big star? I mean the guy loves doing promotions, charity type work, and is very much like cena in those regards. He's good in the ring, needs a little mic work, and has a good natural charisma about him.

    Do you think he may actually become the next cena? Sure, the plan is for reigns to still be pushed in that type of role, but will Titus longer shortly behind only to eventually topple reigns?

  2. I don't think he's gonna become the face of the company because he's getting up in age, and has said himself that he's nearing retirement. I think he will pushed as a prominent face and good midcard challenger for the forthcoming years. Also, I don't think his US title reign will translate to a WWE title reign, but I can see a shot at the gold down the line.

    This is overbearingly optimistic about how WWE views Reigns. They spent a 3 Rumbles and 2 WrestleMania main events to make this guy a star, and to have him be upstaged by a guy who was a relative joke and midcard filler for the first 6 years of his career is not going to happen. I think he's gonna be used as a goodhand, and a featured face amongst the midcard ranks, but nothing too much.

    With that said, I honestly think this push is just something to pour water on the fire. The WWE can't be called racist, despite having some questionable choices back in the day. This is just a Public Relations thing, and I honestly don't even see Titus going over. He has spent very little time being built back up, and even if he does win it won't be anything to write home about.
  3. Don't get your hopes up. RuRu will MACHKA Titus O'Neil. I feel like he is just a filler opponent for Rusev to go through, which is fine by me.
  4. Regardless of the outcome, the dude deserves TV time and a decent feud. I've enjoyed it so far and I'm looking forward to their match even though it's pretty much guaranteed that Rusev walks away as champ. I've always been big on Titus, he shines best on the mic but his in-ring work has never been bad either. Looking forward to seeing what they do with him after this feud, hopefully something after the brand split.
  5. I can see Titus and Swagger as a tag team at the end of all of this... Probably Patriotic.
  6. I just can't get behind Titus O'neil at all. I'd rather they just pair him back up with Darren Young. Hopefully he's just being fed to Rusev.
  7. Titus is too old to be the next big star. He's about to turn 40. But he's very good with PR stuff so they'll always use him in some capacity. And he's there to be Rusev's first win as champ. Simple really.

    NEVER throw a big name out as your first title challenger. Unless it is part of some long feud. It should always be someone who is decently over, but who will obviously lose. A nice feather in the cap of the champ so to speak
  8. Titus isn't getting a big push. He's gonna gonna lose to Rusev and officially begin the rest of his career jobbing
  9. Begin? When did he stop?
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  10. :vince3: He has no chance in hell
  11. Botched quote...
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  12. I want to see Cena as US Champ.
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  13. I feel like that ship has sailed. The dude only needs to beat The Miz and become the Grand Slam champion once this whole Club/Cena stuff ends.
  14. Filler feud I see
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