TJ Perkins

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Pop Tatari, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Is he with any company at the moment?
  2. He shows up from time to time and had a TNA try out a couple of months ago. Other than that I know nothing.
  3. He is a freelancer right now, goes all over the world to wrestle.
  4. oh ok thanks guys, would love to see Perkins against Kidd one day.
  5. Perkins vs Kidd would be great. I think he worked TNA's Xdivision one night only ppv as Puma.
  6. Hopefully TNA sign him they need all the guys they can get since this rule change.
  7. Agreed. Those rules will be such a hinder for the X-division in my opinion. Must be a triple threat, champ must defend in every match he is in etc. Talk about limiting a division that is about no limits.
  8. He'll be on the Xtravaganza PPV special on April 5th where he'll wrestle as PUMA in a Xscape Cage match.
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