TJP VS The Brian Kendrick.....Who wins?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by The Phenom, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. Cruiserweight Champion Tj Perkins

  2. The Brian Kendrick

  1. The cruiserweights have made it to Raw and that 1st match was a nice way to start the division off in the right direction. I was pulling for Brain Kendrick or Cedric Alexander and Brian took it with the Captains Hook! (Shout out to Michael Cole) and defeated Alexander, Swann and Metalik for the 1st cruiserweight win on Raw in years! Now that Kendrick is the #1 contender he heads to Clash Of Champions to take on the current Champion T.j Perkins in the 1st ever title defense.......Who wins?

  2. TJP wins, plain and simple.
  3. You think that because it's the 1st title defense or you think Kendrick is there only to put the younger cruiserweights over more?
  4. Both, actually.
  5. Makes sense I guess and I'm happy either way I just want Kendrick to shine his last few years he has
  6. I don't recall Brian Kendrick. I may not have been watching during his first run. But from what I have saw I like his character and his place in the roster seems clear, the heel vet who is there to put new guys over. So I'm going with TJP. They have to establish meaning for this division and having the champ drop it right away seems like the wrong thing to do. Unless there is some funny business involved, in which case TJP will get it back at the next ppv. Or even the next night on RAW.
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  7. You don't recall former WWE Champion Brian Kendrick?

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    No lol but why does it say the Brian Kendrick? And when was he on the roster? I hadn't watched from 2005-15

    Edit: so I looked him up and apparently he was active during my time watching... Guess he wasn't very memorable with me lol
  9. I love Brian Kendrick and he will be my favorite in the match. He's one of those wrestlers that I tend to cheer for no matter what. That being the case, this match is TJP's without a shadow of a doubt in my mind.
  10. I doubt with the way WWE's been marketing "The Brian Kendrick," I doubt they're NOT going to allow TJ Perkins to retain. TJ Perkins already achieved his goal, all he needs to do now is to be "over" with the WWE Universe. Everyone's cheering on Kendrick every time I see him on CWC/WWE today. It's because they know him. They need to push the cruiserweight division.

    BTW, I think that WWE is trying to call "The Brian Kendrick" that way, because there seems to be many Brian Kendricks or some shit like that.
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