Featured TLC Asuka, Becky, Charlotte Who Wins?

Discussion in 'TLC' started by lissa, Nov 29, 2018.

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  1. upload_2018-11-29_19-42-54.jpeg upload_2018-11-29_19-38-38.jpeg upload_2018-11-29_19-40-16.jpeg Who Will Win at TLC Asuka mite be given it or dose Becky get to keep it or charlotte threw Charity gets it for xmas So Who Do You think wins or hope wins at TLC?
  2. I want Becky to win Becky as champ is good for business. Her reign has been simply amazing I would have her keep it till next PPV if not longer.
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  3. Asuka. Becky should win the rumble.
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    Ya never no they mite give it to (The Human Cartwheel) charlotte they seem to overly like her for some reason Like some others have said on the Forums..Quote Charlotte is pushed because of her daddy; she's boo'd because we hate her; she's always at the top because there's somebody above her who believes that shit she spews. I give Charlotte every ounce of credit for the hard work she's put in...but the bullshit that the WWE does by using her legacy as a way to carve history for her is nonsense. She should be her own and not be a legacy that drives her career. She's had too many title chances already; she's had too many lights on her---she needs to step in the back of the fking line and let someone else have her glory...End Quote bec char bec char Let Becky have some matches with someone elese!!! i Hope you are Rite Red & Either Asuka or Becky Win :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. We need to check and see if the Apocalypse is coming, you and I agree on something.
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  6. This. We then get Charlotte vs Askuka at mania. Becky shows up on Raw to challenge Rhonda the night after TLC.
  7. Who the fuck are you?
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  8. honestly, I'd love to see Asuka win here but having Charlotte win might give her the heat they want for her right now. Imagine Charlotte doing the same shit she did at Summerslam, but this time with an actual motive to piss people off. It would give Asuka a bigger babyface boost to take the title off of Charlotte again, while Becky can win the Rumble and do what Asuka did last year and challenge the champion from the opposite brand. I think that makes the most sense, but like I said, having Asuka win right away would also be sick
  9. I just don't understand Charlotte's character rn. I don't think anyone does.
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  10. apparently the whole Ronda thing was just to make people more excited about Charlotte again, but having her snatch the title away from someone who could benefit from it again, would definitely make her one of the bigger heels on the roster. And given that Becky's somewhat of a face now, having Charlotte try and replicate Becky's momentum isn't gonna get them anywhere.. so I'd just piss people off with her
  11. It's just stupid. Charlotte is now trying to be like Becky. That's very unlikeable. If the intention is to make her a heel then fair enough. But it isn't going to make her cool and bad ass like Ronda and Becky. She needs to be her own character.
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  12. [​IMG] i think she is more confusing than this guy :emoji_smiley:
  13. I was checking out www.rajah.com which is a legit site and saw this article submitted by Jeff
    Whalen Sunday Dec.4 at 2:21pm. it says that they are planning to have Asuka surprise everyone
    and win the title because it would free up Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to compete at Wrestlemanina,
    plus the company has been all for these schocks. (not to mention, it'd be a way to start getting Asuka
    back to where she needs to be.)
  14. i All Ways beleave in a site called Rajah i here they have a good curry recipe & discount took took rickshaw coupons you can print off LMFAO just kidding just a strange name for a wrestling site you gotta agree Just hope there Rite & Asuka or Becky Win :becky:
  15. As many have said, Asuka. So Becky can win the Rumble,

    Ha, I knew one big win would get Asuka back on track. Somehow pulled off avoiding character damage while getting Babyface heat on her for "being misused".

    Obviously Becky for the Rumble win + match against Ronda, but... Charlotte's character certainly seems better now, even if we don't really know it 100%.

    Still in a perfect world, I'd love to see one big match for each of these three at WM. Shaynavs Asuka? Becky vs Ronda?... Want a curve ball, Charlotte vs Stephanie?

    These three are doing awesome, but I wish the division had more depth...

    Hmm. I'm thinking maybe Asuka shouldn't win so she and Kairi can go for the tag straps, but with Becky vs Ronda happening who would face Charlotte? Sending Shayna against her this quick would fail hard.
  16. Where are all three woman gonna be at mania?

    Becky vs Ronda and Charlotte vs Asuka.
  17. Whoever WWE scripts to win.
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