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  1. [​IMG]

    WWE Championship - Tables, Ladders & Chairs
    CM Punk (c) vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz

    World Heavyweight Championship - Chairs Match
    Mark Henry (c) vs Big Show

    Ladder Match For Custody of Sledgehammer
    Triple H vs Kevin Nash

    United States Championship
    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Zack Ryder

    Tables Match
    Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

    Intercontinental Championship
    Cody Rhodes (c) vs Booker T

    Cena??? Kane???

    All talk during the PPV can happen here. I'll try and get a stream posted here if I can, apologies if not. We'll try get one uploaded on this site also.
  2. Stream removed. PPV Over.
    stream 1 and 3 if anybody wants it.
    Hopefully we have a good show today.
  3. Awesome man. Repped for that. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Will try get that uploaded on this site if possible.
  4. Ad-free browsing of the streams on

    Stream removed. PPV Over.

    Since the host for the stream ( has domain restrictions enabled, the stream is being provided by some blog (Removed. PPV over.l) and *removed PPV over* is just hot-linking to that. Still not sure how the blog is bypassing the domain restrictions though, unless that blog is by the same user streaming on yycast and has whitelisted the blog domain to stream it.
  5. Awesome Anon :emoji_slight_smile:

    Bout to start, let's do this!

    Edit: Ryder getting huge pops here.
  6. Great match. Fantastic. Ryder ftw.
  7. Good opener I'd give it 3* personally. Having the Big O and Zack's dad was a nice touch also. The only problem I have is it should have happened at SS with how hot the MSG crowd were for Ryder.

    Also why is Epico not under his Tito Colon name? He's not under the mask and he's teaming with Primo and they've acknowledge they're cousins.
  8. I'd give it 3 and a half stars, was very entertained throughout. Totally agree, should of happened at MSG. Once again the crowd is eating him up though.

    Didn't watch much of tag team, and no idea on the epico thing. WWE are weird with names.
  9. Decent match thus far, really don't know who's going over in this match. Orton has been putting people over since Henry, but you never know.
  10. Surprised to see Randy go over, but he was due a ppv win he's been on quite a losing streak. The flying RKO never fails to amaze me however plus Barret maintained a decent amount of offense which is a positive. I'd give it 3* mainly because I'm a fan of table matches.
    Also Santa Teddy be pimping with the Bellas.
    Sheamus vs Swagger should be decent also. I wish they could announce matches like this in advance though just to add some hype to them.
  11. Oh I completely agree, his timing is perfect. So easy to mess that up. Agree also with Sheamus v Swagger being completely random, should be a good match but if they had build up it'd be much better, Sheamus' character is in the middle of no where atm.
  12. Booker T jumped twice. I guess this match isn't happening?
  13. Looks like it. I'm wondering if Booker has an injury of some sort so he can't work? Either that or they want a reason to keep it going till EC or even a WM match?

    Nash vs HHH ? Why is this happening again? No body really wins from it the match quality will be bad, neither wrestler can be elevated anymore then they already are and the crowd doesn't even sound that interested.
  14. Tis' what I thought. I hope it does extend in some ways, since it'll help Rhodes' career feuding with Booker. Crowd are dis-interested in this match completely, no wander, both of them are old, Nash isn't a good worker at all and like you say there's no point for this match.
  15. Rhodes looks abit too cowardly imo I preferred his psychotic stuff against Mysterio personally.

    What are the rules in this match anyway lol? Do you win by getting the sledgehammer or do you just get to use it but your opponent can't or can anyone use it then go for a pin?
  16. You win by unravelling Sledge Hammer and using it. Don't know what happens if you get it, but other uses it...

    Edit: Maybe not. Maybe it's the person who unravels it is allowed to use it, such a pointless stipulation with ladders, tables, chairs all legal anyway...
  17. So we've had a NO DQ match were you have to win via pinfall after you've unhooked a sledge hammer?

  18. Pretty much lol. Sledgehammer pretty much meant nothing in the end. They advertised it as first to use it wins I thought.

    Here comes Show vs Henry. Henry needs to go over clean.
  19. I knew Bryan would cash in. Good, I couldn't stand Show as champ. Just squashed Henry.
  20. I officially don't care what happens for the rest of this PPV Daniel F'N Bryan is the WHC. In the words of Matt Striker I'm marking out Bro. He needs to hold it for a good few months now at least.