[TLC SPOILER] Sin Cara's Spot

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  1. It looked like it fucking sucked.


    I thought he was injured away the way Rey going on. Smacked his head right off the mats, could have been majorly hurt there. :regal:
  2. Was an awesome spot.
  3. On first viewing I thought Cody pushed him too hard and he was supposed to go though both tables to break his fall.
  4. BOTCH! :angry: He clearly over shot and missed the table.
  5. Cody barely pushes him, if at all. He doesn't extend his arms any. It is all Botch Cara pushing off the ropes with his feet. If it was overshot, it's on him, not Cody.

    I didn't think it looked bad though honestly. Yea he hit his head a little bit, but that's what the mats are for. (And yes, I know the mats aren't exactly soft, but still. BEtter than concrete)
  6. Yeah, I think he jumped a bit too far but he still hit one of the tables so it wasn't that bad.
  7. I don't think it looked that bad tbh! Don't see anything that could result in his injury!
  8. Shame for botching?
  9. Come again fella?
  10. His injury is shame from botching too much. Guess I wasn't clear, trying to be funny, failed. :sad1:
  11. Ah right I get you now! LOL!

  12. I think that was one of the best spots of the PPV, if not the best.
  13. :harvey:

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    The TLC match had so many good spots.
  14. Honestly, who saw that coming though, it was good. :finger:
  15. It was good, but I thought the Chokeslam on the chair was sick, Reigns randomly spearing through the Barricade was cool and Rollins going through all the tables was. HOLY SHIT! :shock:
  16. Rollins table thing was foreseeable though and i've seen all those other things before. I've never seen someone go through a table the way Cara did that night, it was fresh.
  17. It was predictable, but saying Cara had the best spot. :downer:
    It was nice, I'll say that much. The best? :nope:
  18. The stomp onto the chair was great also.
  19. Yeah, was going to mention that. The Blackout on the chair was pretty awesome indeed. :obama:
  20. Great spot, I really liked it....
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