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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Tony Trout, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. Name: Tony Lee Trout
    Age: 37
    Favourite Superstar & Why: I have two: "The Rock" & "Stone Cold Steve Austin" simply because they kick ass!
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: I've been a wrestling fan since I was a kid - way back during the NWA days!
    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWE & NWA
    How did you find the site?[: I found ya'll while looking for wrestling forums on the 'net. /b]
    Will I be active here: In three words: "YES, I WILL!"

    A little more about me: I'm disabled with Cerebral Palsy & Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and was told I would never live and, if I did, I wouldn't know anybody or anything and would live in a vegetative state for the rest of my life. 37 years later, I am still here! I am currently trying to acquire my driver's license and I am facing serious foot surgery on January 7, 2014 to correct my walk where my left foot turns inward and sometimes over on me due to the Cerebral Palsy. It's gonna be at least a three to six week recovery numerous trips to Asheville, NC & back to keep up with my progress.

    Anyway, I'm so sorry I wrote such a long intro. I know I'll enjoy my time here!! Thank you for having me!
  2. tldr. Welcome, though. :jbl:
  3. Welcome to the site. An interesting intro, hope you get your driver's license, and enjoy your time here :yes:
  4. Hey man good shit for kicking life's ass and welcome to the forum. Good luck on getting your license man
  5. Welcome man, have a nice time.
  6. The darker the color of your alcoholic drink, the more likely it is to give you a hangover.
  7. Welcome buddy glad ur fighting and kicking lifes backside all credit to you.
  8. Hey man, sucks to have all that shit happening to you. But hey, look on the bright side. 37 years and counting! Good luck on your surgery.
  9. Trooper. Welcome to our little archive of bits and bytes Tony.

    Not to be a dick and make light of the shit you've been through, but I thought it was a little amusing that your surname is Trout and you had hydrocephalus.
  10. In regards to that, I actually suffered horrible abuse (both physically & mentally) in high school because of my surname so...please, no more jokes. I don't mean to offend brings up very painful memories for me.
  11. Understood, sorry if I offended you. Being blunt is something I've been good at for a while.
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    Thank you. I'm seriously not trying to offend anyone by my comments about it but - I just had a horrible experience in high school with people who are supposed to be adults making fun of how I walk and my surname.

    ETA: BTW, Coon, I love your avatar!! Raccons are cute little creatures!!
  13. Don't worry about offending anyone. Feel free to call me out if I push the line again, or just call me an arsehole which would be more fitting.
  14. Welcome to the site.
  15. Welcome to the Site!
    Tis nice to see you Kicking Life's Ass, Tony and I hope you get your Driver's License....
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  16. Don't worry, bro. It's all good.
  17. Sup bro? Throwing around the word bro, it's kinda my thing bromandude. But, I'll let ya use it here and there. Why? Cause that's just the kind of bro I am, bro.
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  18. Thank you! And I think that is one AWESOME .GIF image as your sig!!
  19. Welcome to the forums bro, you will have a great time here !
    And hope you get your diver`s license
  20. Welcome to the forums bro, you will have a great time here !
    And hope you get your diver`s license
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