News TMDK Headed To NXT Soon?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 28, 2015.

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    I wouldn't mind it one bit. Granted, I haven't seen much of their work in NOAH, but what I did see, I liked.
  2. Stay in NOAH. I have this odd feeling that they'll become the evil foreigner tag team. Which should never happen. The Mighty Don't f'n Kneel.

    My favorite tag team, rn btw.
  3. I just gotta ask. How are they your favorite team right now despite not having worked for almost a year?

    Because there are quite honestly a lot of much better teams out there than these two.
  4. Obligatory Young Bucks are the best reply. 2 sweet me Stop. #BizzClizz
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  5. Well, I like them as singles wrestlers, and as a tag team they're gold. I haven't seen them in action for a while, but when they were around - I enjoyed them a lot. Also, the magic of YT and DM, give me more than enough TMDK.

    Young Butts suk :heyman2:
  6. I'll 2 sweet. But I wasn't talking about the bucks.
  7. People complain that Cena does 5 moves, but cheer when the Bucks do 1, for 90% of their match.

    Their cool, but are painfully overrated.
  8. Did I say I liked the bucks?

    TMDK are a okay tag team, but that's where it stops. Haste is the Shawn of the two but they are nothing special. About as interesting personality vise as corn bread. They lack that certain thing that makes them special IMO.

    And what really takes them down a bit imo is that now that they are leaving NOAH they can bring in almost any indy tag team and get the same results as they got with TMDK.

    For every truly special tag team or team that stands out, like the MCMG, KES, YAMADOI, New Day etc. There are about a hundred TMDKs.

    I'm just surprised that they are your favorites. Since judging by your old Will Eaver gimmick/fandom, you like wrestlers with personality.
  9. If you haven't learned my sarcasm by now I'm afraid of our longevity.

    But yeah, you can look at our sigs for 2 examples.
  10. Gable and Jordan are Geeze. More shirt sales than bumps
  11. Flips and dives are not geeze, unless you're diving in muff.
  12. Jordan & Gable >>>
  13. I was talking to Shadow, about the Bucks.

    Also, I think they have a lot of personality. Not really in the form of their gimmicks or personas, but more-so in the ring. Overall, NOAH doesn't really even have an emphasis on personas and gimmicks, and you can't really expect them to flourish in those areas - in a promotion that has it's biggest star carrying the gimmick of "slap crazy grandpa that can kill you." I'm sure they can shine through if they get the chance, in a promotion that does care more about gimmicks and character.

    Also, I like a variety of wrestlers. Eaver's theme, gimmick, mannerisms and wrestling ability is what made me a fan. Seeing a man dressed as jesus, with a kick ass theme, walk out and have a great match. That's what made me a fan.

    Geeze & TMDK can kill them.
  14. NOAH not being big on personalities...

    Are we talking about the same NOAH which had its main star and possible future main star do this:

    I will honestly say I don't agree that TMDK showcase personality in ring, everything they do comes off as flat to me. And there are a multide of other tag teams out there that do what TMDK do better.

    If you like them, more power to you. It just perplexes me with the caliber of tag teams out there that your favorites would be TMDK
  15. Jordan & Gable vs GZRs vs TMDK at ENDVR:14. Book it, dammit!
  16. Those teams are too good for a chapter show, it seems.
  17. Assuming it was just the one match? jkjk
  18. I saw his match with KSI, Dar and Webster, prior. :fact:
  19. Only seen a handful of their matches but they strike me as generic in all areas, different strokes for different folks.
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  20. Bushewackers are geeze
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