Spoiler TNA 10/3/13 spoilers

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Shadow, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. I didn't read all of the spoilers,only the part where Hogan quit. Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye! :yes: :yes:
  2. Will watch ONLY for the last 10 minutes. All those matches sound terrible. Betting the x-division is a 5 min squash, Bully/joe will be short before dq, sting and magnus? Fuck no. Assmacher gifs > this impact.

    The worst part is you know that gauntlet match means Magnus probably beats the hell out of BI and then Roode swoops in to cheat to win.

    This shit looks like absolute garbage.
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  3. LOL hater.

    Anything including EGO is gold, and you know it.

    Manik & Hardy vs. King & Sabin is a setup match, what else do you expect in the BUILD to the PPV?

    I heard Bully and Joe went around nearly 10 mins before the finish.

    Sting vs. Swagnus is good if Sting loses to him, thus put Swagnus over at the TNA's biggest stage.
  4. Oh looky, Hardy will win at BFG....... Great :pity1:
  5. I do expect it to build but im just saying (like the last couple weeks) Manik has had short, weak matches. EGO is dope. I'll watch it but there is too much MEM Bully AND also aces and 8s for me to be too pumped. The whole time ill just be looking forward to the last 10 to see Hoke Ogan.
  6. This sounds like a great episode, I'm not sure why you guys don't like it. They're finally giving us a proper X-Division feud for the biggest TNA PPV of the year, we get Sting putting over DA MAG DADDY and tons of EGO. I'm just not sure where we go for EGO and Samoa Joe. Maybe Bad Influence vs Storm and Gunner vs Young Bucks (I can dream) for the tag team titles, and Samoa Joe can take on Bobby Roode or something.
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  7. Hardy in an Ultimate X Match should be funny. I guess he'll lose again.
  8. Hardy wins I am done with the X-Division.
  9. The match is at BFG... Don't know who'll win.
  10. Haha there's no reason to worry about it now! Title doesn't mean shit right now.
    If he holds on to it long enough to cash in Option C, that's messed up. But having him hold it now just means someone else can beat him for it, getting them a signature win + making you mark... Don't see what's not to like.
  11. They are finally making steps to rebuild the division and Hardy winning would fuck it up, I would have preferred just a Sabin Vs Perkins feud instead of Ultimate X. Sabin as a heel is brilliant, Loved the booking on that one, How he became world champion, loses it and comes back to the X-Division like he owns it.
  12. Hardy and Aries both in the Ultimate X? Should be insane bumping all the way. Expecting an awesome match considering all the names and their talents involved.

    Sting vs. Swagnus - what a dope match/story that'll be.
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  13. Storyline still just off... I mean we watch for good matches and quality story. Hogan quitting, well that gets me.
  14. Hogan quitting? Let me ensure you that the moment after he quits, the guys who complained about him will still complain about everything in TNA. Malignent pieces of garbage......
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  15. If sting & the mma fighters are removed then I'll stop complaining.
  16. Hogan once again proves he's a fantastic politician.

    Instead of Dixie firing him and putting her over as well as the entire angle, he (and Dixie and creative team) decided it's better that she cries about him leaving. Kudos Hulk, kudos.
  17. The MMA fighters are gone. Sting has been de-emphasized enough to not really be worth complaining about. Him being there isn't THAT much of a problem since he's still a big name and great talker you can do stuff with, it was him being in main events at 55 years old that was ridiculous. (I'd try him out on commentary myself)

    As for Hogan, in kayfabe it makes no sense since Dixie should want him gone because she's a bitch + Hogan was completely useless as a GM, but fuck it. He's gone. Lets just smile and enjoy that. Enjoy that Ditsy finally came to her senses and realized he wasn't worth the money. Enjoy that we don't have to deal with announced title matches that don't happen any more. Enjoy that we don't hear about "the Aces of Eights" any more. Enjoy that we don't get any more never ending promos that lead to nothing. Enjoy that no more main event segments will be wasted on useless BS just because Hogan's in them.

    Maybe now that he's gone some spotlight can go to the people who TNA should be spotlighting. Not holding my breath though.
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  18. Jackson and Ortiz are gone? YES! Anyway, good, right track now
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