News TNA Adds More NYC TV Tapings

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    TNA has booked the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center for three more Impact Wrestling TV Tapings.

    TNA will be running the venue on 8/5, 8/6 and 8/7.

    TNA is running three TV tapings next month as well, on 6/25, 6/26 and 6/27.

    It looks like Impact Wrestling TV will be "on-the-road" from Slammiversary on 6/15 all the way to BFG in October, which means the entire Summer of Impact Wrestling far away from Universal Studios.

    Official statement by TNA:

    Everything > Universal Studios, me happy as fuck.
  2. Oh, sweet, NYC crowds are always great, the more the merrier (as long as TNA doesn't go bankrupt for this).
  3. Haha damn was literally just reading this on their twitter, thought I might beat you into posting it; ofc I was wrong.
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  4. Who, you? :george:

    So it will be the entire summer of TNA far far away from Orlando and Impact Zone? HELL YEAH BROTHA

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  5. Sounds pretty good, but all of the dates are so close to each other, like whoa shouldn't that impact the crowd? Oh, and it looks like they have until BFG to sort out a new permanent home for TNA.
  6. get out of the TNA section test, you dont even watch the shit anymore.
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  7. hehe

    I will watch again regularly come Slammiversary, punk ass bitch.
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  8. it's amazing moments like this people come in and think i am only here to talk shit - not realizing we both are only joking.

    God though, i cannot get over how amazing 2012 tna was and how none of the big players are much of anything outside of bully being a babyface. I tried watching it during my 2 day ban and was incredibly disappointed. It's like Brie Bella having as much time on WWE as CM Douche did over the last couple years, i just cannot stand it...not even with knowing Ken Anderson is over as hell there atm.
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